Kazakhstan 2015

Ralph has recently returned from the nation of Kazakhstan in Central Asia. It was THE most powerful trip of the many he has taken to this nation over the past decade.

With his team member, Jacob Wachtel from Ohio, they ministered in two ministry schools sponsored by Ralph Howe Ministries. The first was for the leaders of three churches that are now under the leadership of a local apostle, Olga Tsoi. The second was for the people of a number of local churches teaching them about the supernatural. Along with this they ministered in some of the churches that Ralph relates to regularly. As well, God opened up four new churches where they ministered to the leaders and to the people. And, of special note, they were able to minister at a joint city-wide youth day where many were seriously impacted for the Kingdom.

Every event involved a large number of youth as the churches in this nation are seeing many young people saved and discipled. So, the Church is young in age with many of the leaders in their early twenties. The hunger for more of what the Lord is doing is so evident and makes teaching and ministering a great joy.

Of special interest to Ralph during this trip was a new connection to a house church movement in the nation of Kazakhstan. He had the honour of ministering for an afternoon in a house church and to the leaders of that specific church as well as the leader of the network of churches. Ralph has connections to another network of house Churches that covers most of Central Asia (a four nation trip in March-April 2016 is scheduled to work with this other union of churches) but this was his first in-depth connection to this network.

Ralph will return with team members to the nation of Kazakhstan in March, June, and October of 2016. Plans and events are being sorted out and the dates are established so that Ralph can continue to build with the Church in Kazakhstan and provide apostolic oversight and input to the many churches and groups that he works with. This also allows him to continue to mentor young men who have a call on their lives to be apostles and prophets.

Your prayers for this nation and for Ralph and his various team members already chosen for these trips would be greatly appreciated.

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