Just One of Those Days

As the old song goes: “It was just one of those days – just one of those marvellous days…”

It has been a full day. Emails over first two cups of coffee. An early morning walk while I ate my apple for breakfast. A prayer meeting at 9:00 a.m., worship service at 10:30 a.m. and then a leadership BBQ followed by a leaders meeting. Then a milk shake with the pastor of the church I am here with, then a diet coke with he and his wife followed by a great night of talking and sharing at their home starting in the early evening. Not “just one of those days” .. But, a great day in the Kingdom and in this local church.

As the prayer meeting was progressing in the morning – worship, prayer, flag waving, dance, one-on-one ministry) I was sitting in the presence of the Lord and He downloaded a number of things that He wanted me to share. I could not write as fast as I was receiving it – but did my best to capture everything the Lord was telling me. Some was based in the two days of conversations since my arrival – but a lot of it was new revelation.

I was given as much time as I needed to talk about what I was seeing as an apostle. So, I shared what the Lord had me write down. I will post the material tomorrow during one of my airport layovers. It was neat to see the hunger in the people to hear what the Lord was speaking over His church. Really Neat! Their excitement and anticipation was contagious. Great people – smaller crowd as it is the Memorial Day long weekend here in the U.S.A.. Never mind, it was taped and, more importantly, God’s will was accomplished.

I was able to tell the church the big picture of what the Lord was about to do and why they had been going through some fairly tough times in the last few years. So some future “predictions” and some past “historical insights” into issues and circumstances that have come up frequently over the past 80 or so years of church life. God was so gracious and kind to these people. I was also given some fairly specific direction for the pastor and the shift in his ministry and calling that is upon his life. Again, God is so good.

At the leadership meeting I was once again asked to share – so I shared briefly on the need to embrace the 5-fold ministry of apostle, prophet, eveangelist, pastor and teacher. As well, the change in the way the church functions from pastoral to prophetic (see the archives for my twice monthly articiles on apostles). And then commented briefly on the testing that the church had been going through which was to see if they really believed the Word of the Lord that had been spoken over them. A few comments on evangelism and winning the lost and then I sat down.

The afternoon meeting with the pastor and then the pastor and his wife was a quiet debriefing of the day and then some thinking and sharing of issues arising out of prophetic words received recently.

On the way out and over to their home for the evening – we all climbed into the van and listened to the prophetic words that Dennis Cramer had spoken over the church and over this couple as well as over them as individuals. I was moved to tears as over and over again things I had shared apostolically in the morning service with the people of the church were there on the tape of Dennis Cramer’s prophetic word to them last fall and early winter (2 separate visits). I am always amazed at the God we serve and seriously astonished when what I speak out as the Word of the Lord lines up so well with another word received earlier. God is so good and uses simple people to bless others.

A great night of conversation and then an hour watching a very good and clean comedian topped off the night. Now it is 1:00 a,m, my time and so time for bed.

Tomorrow – breakfast at 9:00; trip to airport at 10:00, first flight at 12:05. Home by 11:00 p.m. More tomorrow as I sit in the airport in Sacramento and the one in Minneapolis. Thanks for reading.

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