Just Do It

Nike I have heard of – although I have to admit I have never worn a pair of them. Toms Shoes I have never heard of before a few weeks ago. Flipping through a large stack of magazines that pile up as they come in – “tidy up the office before I scream” day – and ran across this article from Charisma’s April, 2009 edition. I had torn it out some weeks before and tossed it onto the piles.

“Shoes With A Cause”
Blake Mycoskie proved that business and ministry don’t have to be separate when he launched Toms Shoes in 2006.
For every pair of his $42.00 canvas slip-ons purchased, Mycoskie, 32, donates a pair of shoes to needy children in developing nations. His company gave away some 200,000 pairs last year throughout Argentina, South Africa, and Ethiopia.
After winning third place in The Amazing Race II in 2002, Mycoskie, who became a Christian at age 17, returned to Argentina, where he saw firsthand the need for shoes. He thought his tech company would help pay for the noble shoe venture, but a Los Angeles Times article generated so much business that he decided to sell the tech company and focus exclusively on Toms (tomsshoes.com), whose name refers to “creating a better tomorrow.” A subsequent article in Vogue led to calls from numerous retailers, including Nordstrom and other boutique stores across the nation. Today more than 500 stores carry his shoes, and Mycoskie said he has not spent a dollar on advertising. (Carol Chapman Stertzer)

I love it when God goes against conventional wisdom and works His plans and His purpose in such wonderful and somewhat different ways.

I love it when someone is led by the Holy Spirit to reach out in God’s life-changing love to help people in practical ways that then wins them the right to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the power of God unto salvation.

I love it when someone, other than Taco Bell, thinks outside the bun – I mean, outside the box – and finds wonderful new ways to bless people in the Name of the Lord Jesus

I love it when a simple idea simply takes off and becomes much more than anyone ever planned or thought it could be.

I love it when young people become involved in innovative ideas that explode (in a positive sense) and simply become much more than they could ever have done in the natural – and then the success of the venture points directly to divine intervention.

But, let’s not forget, it took a young man following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
It took a person stepping out in faith to do something he or she has never done before.
It took a person
who was willing to risk failure
It took a person who was willing to pay the cost
It took a person who was walking by faith and not be sight
It took a person who loved God enough to try something for God
I took a person who was obedient to the Great Commission to “go into all the world…”
It took a person who was not willing to just sit back and wait for “George to do it”
It took a person who was willing to “Just Do It!”

It has always been that way. During Jesus’ first miracle that He did in Cana of Galilee He told the servants to fill the large barrells with water – fill them to overflowing – and then draw some of the “water” and take it to the head servant who was running the wedding banquet on behalf of the groom. I am sure they looked at Jesus and wondered what was wrong. But Mary, Jesus’ mother, looks at the servants and states, “Just do it!” and we had a supernatural miracle of water becoming wine.

Nike was not the first to use the slogan. And the truth of Mary’s words still ring true today. Christians – “Just Do It!”. Simply do what Jesus commanded us to do and trust Him to guide and direct you in unique ways to impact people’s lives with His love and the Gospel. He will always amaze you.

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