Just a Regular Saturday

Early Saturday morning and turning out to be a great day – sunny and warm finally. A busy day ahead – half in the office and the other part in various coffee shops around the city. Regular Saturday routine.

I plan to also take my dog for a few walks – again, a normal part of every day. There is a man with a cane I have been building a relationship with daily as he too walks his dog. Today I want to mention Jesus for the first time and begin to steer the conversation to spiritual things now that we have been talking almost daily for a few weeks.

As well, I have neighbors who has just put their house up for sale who I want to speak to (I know them from dog walking as they too have one of man’s best friends). As well, three doors down from them there is a U-Haul on the front lawn and so finally my new neighbors are moving in as that house sold several months ago. Time to welcome them in Jesus’ Name.

The summer allows us many different opportunities to talk to neighbors and strangers about Jesus. Whether in the park, on the bike paths, at the beach, or simply on the parking lots of the shopping malls – people are more relaxed and less rushed and actually wanting to slow down and chat with others. Be one of those ‘others.’

And, this is not something extra we need to add on to our already busy day. We simply talk with others about Jesus as we go about our regular days. It is not an event or an activity – it is a lifestyle. So, I am not adding things to my life – I am simply talking to others about Jesus as I live my life. I even invite non-Christians to go with me when doing something … going for a bike ride, eating after ministering at a service, watching a sporting event or whatever else I might be doing where I can take someone and thus create an opportunity to chat about Jesus. So, not adding an event or activity – simply turning everyday activities into witnessing opportunities.

This is not new or different or even strange. It is simply what disciples are called to do by the One that we follow. We are to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves.” Gee – maybe the root problem is that we really don’t know or even love ourselves!

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