Jesus Was Not a Christian

I have recently come to the conclusion that if it is complicated it is not Jesus. If it is weird it is not Jesus. If it is flaky – it is not Jesus. Complicated equals religion. Weird equals stupid. Flaky means super-spiritual nonsense. Simple is Christianity – faith as a follower of Jesus. Everywhere I go I find “complicated” or “weird” or “flaky” and it is time we went back to simple. Jesus said “follow Me” and that is what I did. The road map is set out for us in the Bible and easy to understand when read with spiritual eyes and heard with spiritual ears. The Holy Spirit leads and guides as we read it and in areas of life where the Bible is silent. Not complicated – works for every person in every nation.

I like the following … thought I would share it

Jesus was not a Christian.
He never asked anyone to become a Christian,
never built a steepled building,
never drew up a theological treatise,
never took up an offering,
never wore religious garments,
never incorporated for tax purposes.
He simply called people to follow him.
That’s it.
That, despite its simplicity, is it.
He called people to follow him…
It is never more
than Jesus’ call: “Follow me”
and a response: dropping familiar nets
and following, in faith,
this sandaled Jewish man.
It is never more than that.
Two thousand years of words can do nothing
to the simple, basic reality of Christianity:
Those first steps
taken by those two bothers
Peter and Andrew’s theology
was as pure as it gets:
Jesus said, “Follow me.” And we did.

Taken from Don Everts, Jesus With Dirty Feet: A Down-to-Earth Look at Christianity for the Curious and Skeptical.

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