Join the New Move of the Spirit

Young Kazaks are being trained in their nation to walk in the supernatural and to see the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the dead raised. They are part of a major move of God happening everywhere hearts are open to what God is doing, loyal to Him, and hungry for more. This group of young Kazak men and women were part of a training night where they learned how to minister in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Every trip I make into this nation they open their arms and invite me to minister to them – equipping them to do the work of the ministry. Already they have planted several churches and reached many for Jesus.

All those who have been born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit can and should be equipped to move supernaturally so that they can touch their world for Jesus. No matter how old or how young you may be – now is the time to begin if you are not already walking in God’s supernatural power. The pastor of this leadership team is in her late 70’s and a grandmother.

All God is looking for is a heart that is loyal to Him, focused on Him, and a person who is willing to be used to reach others for Him – loving, caring, sharing, praying, and being there for them as they come to realize their need for a Savior. Real ministry happens out there in your world where people do not know God.

Join the new move of the Spirit and become discipled, trained, and equipped for supernatural ministry so as to be effective and fruitful and a part of what God is doing today.

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