Jesus Never Changes But…

The Bible states that Jesus is the “same yesterday, today, and forever.” This is called ‘immutability.’ However, in our minds and hearts He does change as we spend time with Him relationally day-by-day. This is because He is constantly revealing more and more aspects of His character, His nature, and how He works. He is not changing – but our understanding of Him is deepening and becoming greater each and every day. This makes our relationship with Jesus an adventure, a great and wonderful adventure.

However, we must be care that we don’t settle for what we have and thus miss what He is revealing of His nature and heart to us. Mary, on the day of Jesus’ resurrection, saw the risen Christ and grabbed hold of Him and didn’t want to let go. Jesus told her she had to let go and that things had changed. The change was that He could travel from one place to another instantly, He was going to ascend into Heaven to be with His Father, and the Holy Spirit was coming to enable and empower them. She had to let go of what she knew of the Lord so that she could grasp and grab hold of what had just happened and what was going to happen shortly.

We all have a tendency to hold on to what we understand and thus can easily miss what God is doing. The Jews knew all of the prophetic words indicating that a Messiah would be born. But they missed Him because He came in such a way that they were offended. They wanted a military Messiah and He came as a humble baby born in Bethlehem. The Gospel of John states that “He came to His own and His own people did not receive Him.” Jesus will often reveal Himself in such a way that we can miss Him or even reject Him – persecuting those who do grab hold of the revelation and welcome Him. The Jews missed Him and persecuted the early Christians who believed in Him.

As human beings we apparently seek for comfort, security, and safety. This, of course, is not available for true followers of Jesus. To obtain the comfort and safety we tend to camp in a place where we have experienced something great with God – not wanting to move on to something unknown or risky. Peter wanted to build three shelters on the Mount of Transfiguration – one for Moses, one for Elijah, and one for Jesus. He wanted to ‘camp’ on this experience and remain there enjoying what had just been revealed. Jesus refused Him permission to do so. Because to follow Jesus as His disciple means moving past the last experience of God no matter how wonderful and hungering and thirsting for more of Him. This can not be obtained or experienced if we park on and in the last encounter.

God does not change. But, God does continue to reveal more and more of who He is and what He is doing day-by-day. And, all this can be missed if we are not hungering and thirsting for more of Him – a greater understanding of His nature, His heart, and His mission. If we settle in to a comfort zone we will definitely miss this great adventure.

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