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I went into Dairy Queen the other night – a regular weekly routine with my personal assistant here at Ralph Howe Ministries. We go most Thursdays at around 9:45 p.m. and leave after the store closes and the doors are locked – which happens at 11 p.m. They let us stay even though closed – they are cleaning up and shutting down the kitchen so we are out of their way. So, we get an hour and a half each week together to talk about how things are going in the ministry and what is happening with my agenda and how she can help to lighten the load. In case you are worried I am out late at night with another woman – you are right – except in this case it is one of my daughters. She is my personal assistant – a paid position here at this ministry.

We ordered – she went to the washroom and I went straight for a table that had a couple in their early 50’s sitting at it. I had seen them there a few times before and my dauhter was going to be a few minutes and so…

Now this is very confusing to the young man bringing our ice cream Sundays as he was clueless as to where we were sitting. So, once he located me standing up – I simply pointed to an empty part of the facility and told him to pick a table, any table. Poor fellow – didn’t quite know what to do. I guess it is not in the training manual – here is what you do when someone is standing, has not chosen a table to sit at yet and is discussing prayer, the healing power of Jesus, and the Bible with another set of customers. Never mind, he found a table and my daughter found her Sunday – and I found her 5 minutes after she sat down – when I could politely draw the conversation to a close with a promise to pray for them and their situation.

Of course, my daughter understood – as she has been with her father in many similar situations – and is as good at witnessing and starting conversations about Jesus as I am. So, we eventually had an hour together just to talk … and as the couple were leaving – they thanked me and I promised to be praying for them… They were appreciative of our 10 minute or so chat about the Lord at a time of need in their lives.

Folks, witnessing to loved ones and strangers should come naturally and be the desire of every believer’s heart. To be a Christian means that Jesus is at the center of everything that we do – including going to DQ for an ice cream. Being a Christian is much more than going to a worship service on Sunday to remind ourselves and God that we love the Lord. It is more than daily Bible reading and a short prayer time. It is 24/7. We are to do “everything as unto the Lord” – buying books at Chapters (see my blog “First There Were Three – Then There Were Four”); grocery shopping, walking the dog, and going to DQ to “grill and chill”. It should be natural to look around and see if there is someone the Lord is leading you to speak to. We must always be alert to opportunities to share the love of God as found only in Jesus Christ. It should be supernaturally natural.

So, today I preach and minister (in several hours) here in the city in which I live. Then a stop at the Shell station for gas – and to ask the attendant how her twins are and to fill the car up with gas. Two weeks ago (I was out of town last Sunday in California) they had been sick and she was concerned. Then home to walk the dog (it’s getting colder so fewer out walking dogs at this time of year – sad). Then a 2.5 hour drive … young kid will be pumping gas at the gas station in Stoughton (name of town with a decent washroom stop) so will chat with him as I stretch and buy a new Diet Coke (no need for more gas yet)… on to preach and minister in the town of Oxbow at a great church there.

Coming back later in the night – go the other route and stop at the gas station in the city of Estevan to chat with the lady who pumps gas late nights and then through the city of Weyburn and their new all night coffee shop – again to chat with the young fellow who serves the counter customers late at night (and they have clean washrooms) and then home… and a fill up at a different Shell station as the all night guy is there by himself and gives us a great opportunity to just stand around and chat. I wonder what the topic will be? Then home and time to unwind, take my shoes off, and think through each contact, what I could have done differently to be more effective and recording what I need to be praying for regarding these contacts.

Naturally supernatural. Supernaturally natural. But planned and calculated. Intentional!

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  1. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    You are encouraging I would like to follow you for a day and get some pointers to be better at that.. We will touch base soon.Tanya

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Yes we still need to get together and chat – as I believe I have some insights from the heart of the Lord for you. It will probably be after my trip to Ukraine as it is fairly busy until then.

    Following me around for a day is a possibility … as is teaching the course I lead on soul winning in your local area. I teach the basics of what I do in a ten week class of two hours a night one night a week…which can include hands on experience on the streets and in coffee shops if the students so desire.

    Remember to talk to me about this when we have a coffee in the near future.

  3. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    I would love that teaching and look forward to getting together with you after you get back I will be praying for your ministry in the ukraine..Have a great God trip….Tanya

  4. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Thank you. I am currently in Prince Albert – just finished 2 days of prophetic ministry and very tired. But God touched a lot of lives. Seriously touched many lives. Head home tomorow to teach tomorrow night.
    Thursday – Moose Jaw / Sunday – Regina and Oxbow
    Monday to Wednesday – Saskatoon
    Then Thursday over to Ukraine. Back on the 21st and back in the saddle by the 25th of November – give me a call at the 866 number at that time and we can arrange to get together to talk about evangelism and what I still want to share that the Lord showed me. I will buy you and your husband coffee or a meal…
    Thanks for praying. Greatly appreciated.


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