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One great thing about a whole day “on the road” is that I like to read while flying. I can usually get a whole book read while flying one way here in North America and two books on an overseas flight (one way). As I always have a hunger to learn more and grow in my understanding of the world and the Kingdom I look forward to these travel days to simply settle in to airport and airplane seats, sit back and read – and, of course, drink Coke Zero. Today will be no different as I have several books I am hoping to read.

It has been a great 12 days here in Ohio with many new relationships formed, much teaching, tremendous number of people ministered to prophetically both in one-on-one appointments and in public services. I have spotted and called out several young apostles-in-training and have already begun to build relationally with them – connecting with them by text, Facebook, Kik, and even in person. Lives have been forever changed and God has been so good to His children touching them, speaking to them, healing them, freeing them from generational curses, and generally letting them know how much He loves them – how very much He loves them.

Please pray for this travel day – for good weather all along the route, planes that arrive and leave on time, and a sharp mind to absorb the material I am reading and researching. Your continued participation in these ministry trips through your prayers is greatly appreciated. Thanks for standing with me in faith.

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