It’s Time to Choose

As the Holy Spirit continues to shake all that can be shaken within the visible Church which, of course, includes both the true church and the false church – we see three sets of Christians. Last week we looked at the Church and saw four distinct sets or groups of believers. Today, looking at the same members, we can see three totally distinct groups as we look through apostolic glasses this time.
The first group I called the “Demoralized Christians.” They exist in many churches all of which have issues with control and manipulation. They are surviving, but barely, because they are trying to find life and strength is a dying and controlled environment. They are looking for life and are not finding it. They are crying for liberty and are not seeing it. They want more, need more, cry out for more but the institutional church prevents them from receiving fresh manna (John 4) and living water (John 7).

The second group who are also being shaken are “Comfortable Christians.” They are found in a variety of environments. It would not matter where they were located or what type of church they belonged to because they are comfortable. These believers are not even aware that they need to change or should change. They are unaware that there is even a shaking going on currently. They are oblivious to anything outside of their personal, self-made comfort zone. Nothing comes in that is uncomfortable or without permission. This is similar to the Walt Disney world where “everyone lives happily ever after – except they don’t.

The third group is loving the shaking as they see in this current move of the Holy Spirit so many opportunities to move forward spiritually and positionally and to take more territory for the Kingdom and the King. These are what I call “Entrepreneurial Christians” and they are in thriving and innovative environments because they want to be. They have either sought out these environments or have created them – often in the midst of the controlled and the comfortable environments. They would thrive anywhere they found themselves because they are excited about change and innovation and want to see people come to Jesus no matter what would have to be changed or tossed overboard.

Here is a serious truth: Too many of God’s people are living and dying without ever really living. God calls each one of us to something better. In act, God calls us to tackle the world and change it.That kind of mission demands healthy, God-directed Christians. it is time to clean out the cobwebs, discard our fears, comforts and controls and awaken out of our spiritual comas.

It is time to rediscover that primal, naive, original moment with God that left us feeling as if we could change the world. And, for many, it is time to discover for the first time the indescribable experience of feeling called by God to serve His mission in His world.

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