It’s Simple Really

God so loved that He gave His Son – this is Christmas. He then, through His Son, tells us to love Him and we can do that because He first loved us. And, because we love Him we love the things that He loved – ourselves and other people. Jesus said it was this simple – and this was a complete summary of all of the laws and the prophets of the Old Testament. Love God – Love yourself – Love your neighbor. Let’s not complicate it.

We are called to love God powerfully, deeply, intensely. Second, we are called to love our neighbors in the same way. The plan never changes. The strategy remains the same. This kind of fruitfulness can flow only from a place of radical intimacy with God. He has made the way – Jesus is the Way. The crib of Bethlehem is directly connected to the Cross of Calvary which is connected to the Crown on the head of Jesus. We thus enter the throne room of God through the blood of Jesus and can do so with confidence and, in fact, great boldness to pursue this intense and radical relationship with God.

God is raising up a radical army of laid-down lovers. A whole generation of those who are so full of passion and intimacy that they run into the darkness without feart to bring in the lost, the sick and the dying. He is raising up a new breed of lovers, those who live only to pursue a pasionate love affair with Jesus and who will love what He loves – the lost and dying. They will be be so full of the Presence of God that no matter what they are asked to do or what it may cost them, they say yes. There is no “no” left in them.

To be a part of this radical army of passionate lovers who say yes before they even hear what is being asked of them and from them – a band of lovers who have no no left in them – we need to be stripped of the complications and concerns that cause us not to see clearly, so that we will no longer be able to pass by without stopping for that one person in front of us. We need to yield to His immeasurable, ceaseless, bottomless love, and when we do we will soar on the wings of passion and compassion. We will reach out and embrace the lost – winning them for the King and the Kingdom.

It really is that simple – don’t complicate it.

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