It’s Saturday and…

It is the end of our first week of ministering in Russia and in the city of Yekaterinburg. It has been a great week and the School is drawing to a close. This is always sad as we have such great times together and hearts really do bond and relationships formed. As people head for trains and buses to take them home – some with more than 12 hours to travel – we know it has been a great time together in the presence of the Lord and that lives have been changed forever. We are thankful for the people who have taken time out of bust schedules and taken holiday time or simply gone without pay to be with us and to learn from us.

Tonight, after the School is over, we will be meeting with the leadership team of the local church to debrief and receive feedback about the week days we have been ministering. it will be a time of fellowship, food, fun as well as a time to look back and see what the Lord has done and what we could do differently next time – and there will be a next time. This is our first visit to the city but it will most certainly not be our last.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we will do several services (most take about 4 hours from start to stop) where I will teach and the team will prophecy over elders and leaders as well as some of the people as the Holy Spirit directs. And there will be several meals with various leaders where we will get to know them better and simply enjoy the Lord together and laugh a lot – as well as, most likely, eat too much.

Your prayers today for Sunday services would be greatly appreciated. Remember we are 15 hours ahead so as you read this at noon Satuday it is already 3:00a on Sunday morning and the team will soon be up preparing and praying. Pray that it will be a powerful and productive day for the Kingdom. And pray for our travels as we go by train into Sibera on Sunday evening (a 15+ hour train ride) and begin ministering as soon as we arrive on Monday evening.

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