It’s Not a Paint-by-Number Path

“The work of the Holy Spirit does not create standardization. It unleashes the divine potential in every human being.” Erwin McManus – Mosaic pastor / author

I believe that every human being is unique. And that the walk they have with Jesus as born again believers is also unique. Oh! There are standard things involved in everyone’s walk – prayer, Bible study, Bible reading, meditation, worship, fellowship … but how this is expressed in each individual is certainly unique. Every believer is called to be a minister – but the way they minister, where, and to whom will, of course, differ. I like what Leonard Sweet states, “To follow Jesus is not a paint-by-numbers path. To follow Jesus is to live the adventure and experience the mystery of faith.”

The key then is to find out who you are in Christ (see yesterday’s blog). Secondly, you must find your own unique way to express that identity you have discovered. Thirdly, you need to then become comfortable and secure with who you are “in Christ;”so as not to need the approval of others or their agreement to your ‘expression’ of His life. This is where your uniqueness will really be seen as the expression of “Christ in you” and who you are “in Christ” will always differ from everyone else around you. Fourth, continuing to allow this expression to develop and mature and impact others.

The neat thing is that once you truly discover who you are “in Christ” and what it means to have “Christ in you” it is also as if your identity melts into the God’s presence and personhood within you. You have found the real you within the true Christ within you and you become more and more like Him. Here is where every true believer is like every other believer – becoming one with Jesus and becoming more and more like Him. Mystic Meister Eckhart puts it this way, “Let your own “being you” sink into and flow into God’s “being God.” I would add ‘God’s “being God” WITHIN YOU!’

So all believers are taking on the character and nature of God as found and revealed in Jesus. We are all becoming more loving, accepting, and forgiving. However, the way we live this “God-life” and express who we really are “in Christ” is what is unique and gives variety to the Christian Church. No standardization – just everyone’s potential released and expressed in their own unique way.

Now that would be an exciting and powerful local church to be a vital part of.

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