It’s All In Your Perspective

I was reading the other night. Not usually as I read a substantial amount of written material on a daily basis. I was reading on having a Christian perspective and how a lot of what transpires in our walk of faith is a matter of perspective. In other words, how we view something determines how we see it and what we see. The old glass being half-full or half-empty type of thing. To emphasize the point the author was making about perspective he shared a little poem that helps us see how perspective can change our view of what is really transpiring and taking place. 

These verses were written by a young man names Kyle McCarthy and, when written, he was only fifteen.

Kyle’s Poem

God doesn’t love me

You can’t force me to believe

God is good

This is the One Truth in life

This world is a product of chance

How can I believe that

God will use my life

I know with certainty that

God has left me

Never again will I say that

Christ is risen from the dead

I know now more than ever in my life that

Man can save himself

We must realize that it is ignorant to think

God answers prayers

Christians declare that

Without God this world would fall into darkness

This world can and will meet my needs

It is a lie to say that

God has always been there for me

I now realize that

No matter what I do

The Truth is

He doesn’t love me

How can I presume that

God is good

Okay, remember that this is about perspective – the way you view life, God, circumstances, situations, and yourself.

So, I’m going to ask you to read this poem one more time. Only this time, as you read it, I’d like to ask you to make one slight change and read it backwards.

Begin at the last line and read backwards to the first line.

Wow, that makes quite a difference, doesn’t it? 

So much of what we go through works just like this poem. All we can see is what’s right in front of us. But how we see it — our perspective — makes all the difference to the message we receive and the message we live out as believers.

But with time, with patience, with perspective, we begin to see things differently. Perspective – how we view our situation and circumstances – determines what we really see. So, I for one, am working to see life through eyes of faith and hope.