It Was One Of Those Days

A quieter day at home. Unusual to even be home and in my study and office. I am learning, like Paul, to be content in whatever situation I find myself in. Being home is comfortable and familiar and things have been designed and set up to enable me to accomplish a lot when studying, researching and writing. I admit, I like being at home.

However, in the season of my life that I have recently entered I find myself working from the front seat of my vehicle (it has a place to plug in a laptop and phone…), the Wi-Fi corner of the airport on a laptop computer, the cramped seat of an airplane, the end of the bed in an overseas hotel room or the back seat of a car as we speed down a highway in some new region of a foreign nation.

Yet this is okay. Not something I would choose but God, in His wisdom, has chosen it for me and then enable me to handle it by pouring out His grace upon me. Without that grace shift in my life I would, in the natural and in the flesh, be unhappy, discontent, uncomfortable, and unable to work and do what is needed to be done. But, with the shift in grace (His enabling power and presence) I am able to do all that is required of me and then some and to do so with a total sense of inner peace and contentment in somewhat less than favorable situations and circumstances.

Most certainly something supernatural has happened and continues to happen as, on a daily basis, He strengthens and encourages me to continue to grow and mature in my skills and abilities, and to change and adjust so as to better serve those He sends me to work with and minister to. A definite and massive shift in the grace that is upon my life.

Here is what I have learned (one of numerous lessons) – that which God calls us to do He will equip and empower us to do. It is called grace. He will, if we let Him, help us make all the major changes needed to do what He has spoken to us and do so in such a way that we can be totally content and at peace. And this peace that passes all understanding is so important – especially in ministry.

Yesterday was one of those days when that peace was essential – too much to do and too little time (it seemed) to do it all in. And then there were the schedule changes for upcoming events in the next few weeks – where one cancellation or adjustment effects everything else scheduled around that one thing. And, the changes being made to topics we are teaching in two weeks in a foreign nation – as if we are experts on everything no matter what the topic or how short the time to prepare (along with all the other things we have to do around here). Add a large dose of misunderstanding, a need for several emails to straighten out these misunderstandings (taking the high road as a leader and shouldering all the blame), the need then to raise more money for the trip to pay for some things that should have been supplied (the essence of the misunderstanding)… it was one of those days!

And the grace was there to handle all of it and walk in peace through all of it knowing that God is sovereign and that these things are really minor inconveniences that amount to very little when seen in the light of eternity – another work of grace.

Today – is shaping up to be similar in nature to yesterday – so I have prayed and sought God’s heart on all the matters (conflicts) facing me today and I am ready to dive in and watch what He can do when one has learned to trust Him and accept the situation one finds himself in as something that God has allowed. And, once again, just know that His grace will be sufficient for anything that will come my way – planned or unplanned.

We serve a great God and He is so awesome in the way that He deals with each one of us – His children. Such an honor to serve the King of kings and to have a small part to play in His very important work on this planet we call our home.

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