It not all it’s cranked up to be

Many people think it would be neat to have a trans-local ministry traveling all over the place preaching and ministering. As someone who does just that – let me assure you that it really does have to be a calling from the Lord that makes you do this as it is neither fun nor exciting and can soon wear thin.

I travel, on average, 5,000+ Km every 6 weeks by car to minister God’s Word – teaching, preaching and prophesying over people. I live in hotels and motels, eat at restaurants, and am away from my family and the sanctuary of my home and study for days at a time – somethimes weeks at a time. I fly from one venue to another doing the same thing on a regular basis. Not my choice of a way to live – but I do it because of God’s call on my life and His grace is there – so I do willingly.

I was reminded of this just now when I received a v-mail (voice mail) on my Blackberry from Dennis Cramer. After a long week of constant ministry I put him on a plane here in Regina yesterday at 2 p.m. He was to go from Regina to Toronto to Philadelphia and then to State College where his car was – then 1.5 hours driving to home base. Missed his connection in Toronto and then missed his connection in Philadelphia. So, he had to spend $280.00 for a hotel room (only 2 available) and purchase meals. So, this morning he finally flies to State College and then finds his car to drive home. Home mid-afternoon Monday instead of midnight Sunday … and out of pocket $325+ for added expenses.

Ah! Life on the road. Trans-local ministry at its norm. Seldom do things go as planned and hoped for. I too can say that from experience. Example: Swiss Air selling our tickets out from under us because we arrived 30 minutes before the flight was to leave and so we were a “no show” in spite of the fact that we were there and could see the plane. 9 hours to wait for another connection to Germany and then a long wait for a different connector to Kiev, Ukraine.

Three guys (my team traveling to Ukraine for two weeks of ministry) in an airport in Switzerland for 9 hours waiting after they actually saw their original flight take off. This after 15 hours in airports and planes just to get to Switzerland. So, a wash down in a washroom sink (so much for privacy), a change of clothes, brush your teeth and then go find something to eat and a piece of floor in a corner to stretch out on to catch a few hours of sleep in the public waiting room of an international airport where no one spoke your language. Then on to Germany and another wait and then a flight to Kiev arriving 26 hours late and having missed your first speaking engagement.

Yup! Not sure why anyone would think trans-local ministry is “fun” and something to covet. Unless God calls and pours out His grace on you to do it – run as fast and as far as you can from it.

By this time my friend and internationally known prophet – Dennis Cramer – will hopefully have arrived home … unless weather, natural disasters, car trouble, or some other unexpected event prevented him from reaching home plate and his family.

The joys of a trans-local ministry!

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