It Is Wednesday in Karakul

It is Wednesday morning and I am in the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (population – a million). I left Regina and my home at 1:30p on Monday and arrived here at 3:30a on Wednesday morning. Thanks for your prayers for safe travel and great connections. Everything went smoothly and I arrived safely. I was meet by a national who pastors in a small city 400 Km from here and Denis, a man I met and prophesied over in Yekenterinburg, Russia over a year ago who travels back into his former nation to help the local churches he relates to. Within an hour I was in an empty apartment and trying to sleep.

It is now 10:30a and after 4 hours sleep – moving across 12 time zones does things to your bodily functions and mixes up day and night, breakfast and supper – I have had a shower and shave and feel 60% human again. The bathroom facilities are less than primitive but the water was hot (there was no cold) so it was good. I am sitting in an empty apartment (no food – and NO COFFEE) waiting to be picked up for 400 Km drive to meet another pastor. The two men who picked me up at the airport will be taking me after a lunch with almost a dozen local pastors. In the next city I will begin to minister on Thursday. I was to stay there until Monday but now I am scheduled elsewhere for the Sunday… “Blessed are the flexible”

So, tonight I will be in the city of Karakul – a city of about 70,000 people. I rerun to Bishkek on Sunday and minister there until Thursday when I drive into the nation of Kazakhstan. The crossing may not be that easy as these two nations are at a bit of a tight spot in their relationship right now.

I am tired but safe. I am hungry but we are heading to a local restaurant to sample some of the local food. I will still be hungry afterwards depending on what they serve. Usually I am good but some of the tasty airplane food did not sit right during the trip. So, I am going to be a little more careful with what I eat today to mea sure I am able to minister tomorrow.

I am typing this looking out a window of a totally empty kitchen on the 7th floor of a cement block the Soviets call an apartment building. They sure built ugly (and cold). As I look out there are some gorgeous mountains just a short distance away. I have taken several pictures through the (dirty) window and hopefully I can connect one of them to the blog. It seems like it is a beautiful nation geographically. The people have already proven themselves to be hospital and loving.

Thanks for your interest in this trip – your prayers and your financial support. The “blog” will be more like ancient history by the time it is posted as I don’t have internet connection here and hope we will in the city of Karakul when I arrive and settle in tonight (Wednesday evening here – Wednesday morning there as there is a 12 hour time difference).

Please continue to pray – born again believers are persecuted in this nation and people like me are flying under the radar and doing what we can to encourage the believers here in Kyrgyzstan.

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