It is Sunday in Russia

This morning Miroslav and I are ministering at a combined service of many churches from the Network (Union) that is hosting this visit to the Cacausus. There are a number of churches planted by different people which have come together in this union and so they have come together to celebrate God’s grace as a larger, extended family and to hear the Word of the Lord (prophesy) for their network or union.

We will, of course, teach from God’s Word, the Bible. And, they will take out their journals or note books and take notes on the teaching so they can discuss them later with one another. Last year, at a similar service for this network, almost everyone had a note book where they recorded their notes of the Bible teaching. Those without a journal, one would assume, were visitors or non-believers. Teaching these people is simple – they are seriously hungry for more of God and so draw the teachings out of you. A Bible teacher’s Heaven-on-earth.

Of course, they will want a prophetic word if at all possible. God is always gracious and willing to speak to His people individually. Last year they asked me at the last moment to do short prophetic words so as to cover more people during the ministry time. There were about 200 in attendance. I remember it vividly as I had never done rapid fire, short prophetic words over a vast number of people. However, the Lord assured me during worship that He would help me switch my prophetic format and gifting to respond positively to the desires of the leadership under whose authority we minister. So, I explain openly and honestly what I had been asked to do and that I had never ministered prophetically in this way before. So, I told them, either you will see the Lord do something new and great or you will see the greatest failure of my prophetic ministry. They were ready and forewarned, I was ready and hopefully God was ready.

Later in the day …
It was an amazing day with amazing words for many, many people. Individuals scattered all over the rented auditorium, whole rows of believers at a time moving rapid-fire down the row of people who I asked to stand up… I was simply overwhelmed at what the Lord did and how He used us. I was blessed and inspired, the people were blessed, and the leaders were happy. It was a good morning (we really went well into the afternoon).

I expect the same or better tomorrow as we gather together again as the family of God to honor the King, worship Him, and hear directly from His heart – in another city and another church.

The late afternoon and evening was a meal with all the pastors and their families who were involved in the morning gathering and celebration. There was lots of food and fellowship and they were, of course, expecting to receive more prophetic words for their ministries and families… as well as more about what God is doing in other places, other nations, and other groups of believers.

It was a full day and we covet your prayers and continued support.