It Is a Simple Idea

Vision is a simple idea: God created you, He has called you to a specific ministry, and He wants to impart to you His idea of what that ministry is and how best to accomplish His perfect outcome through you. Of course, first you need to have a revelation of who you really are in Him (see yesterday’s ‘Just a Thought’). That’s what His vision is about: helping you to be the best you that you can be – the one He created you to be. And, maximizing your God-given potential to bless God and others through your commitment to do His work, His way. We all need His vision for who He has called us to be – who we really are – and what we are called to do. We all need His vision for our lives.

Imagine what the world and the Church would be like if we all took the time to know ourselves and His plan and purposes … and if we all took our direction from Him for the sole purpose of serving and honoring Him. What a different – and wonderful – world it would be.

I remember the security and confidence I gained when I took the time and made the effort to discover who I am in Christ and who He created me to be – as a person and not just as a minister, pastor, apostle. I remember the sense of belonging I felt; the feeling of being unconditionally loved; the knowledge that He accepted me just as I am and even if others did not receive me, like me or want to know the real me – it was okay because He accepted me because He created and redeemed me. I no longer needed to perform to be accepted; I no longer needed to work to please Him. It was liberating. It was true freedom. And still is today, many years later. I know who I am as a person.

As a result of this revelation I have been able to move into the various callings on my life and do so with confidence and boldness; trust and faith. And so fulfill the call God has placed on my life each and every day of my life.

It is good to be who He created me to be and to be doing what He has called and equipped me to do. I am not special – this is God’s plan for every disciple of the Lord Jesus.

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