Is There Life Before Death?

As Christians we have not shown the world another way to live; another way of doing life. We live very much like everyone else, we just sprinkle a little Jesus along the way. And doctrine is of little to no interest to those who are not believers – so what we believe is of little relevance in the fight to win the world for Jesus. What the world needs to see is changed lives.

Here is a profound truth: Few people are interested in a religion that has nothing to say to the world and offers them only life after death, when what people are really wondering is whether there is life – real life – before death.

Tony Campolo – teacher and Baptist preacher asks, “Even if there were no heaven and there were no hell, would you still follow Jesus? Would you follow Him for the life, joy, and fulfillment He gives you right now?” Good question – a question about life before death.

I know that I would still follow Him as He has given real meaning and purpose to my life. I am excited about Heaven and the afterlife and the celebration we will have as we party as if there is no tomorrow (because there is no tomorrow in heaven). And yet I am seriously convinced that Jesus came not just to prepare us to die but to teach us how to live. Otherwise, most of what He says has no purpose as His wisdom about life will not be needed in the afterlife. It was wisdom for now.

Think about it … Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” Well, you will not have any enemies in heaven – just other believers, brothers and sisters in Christ. That was advice for life before death and not life after death. So was most of everything Jesus taught. Maybe, just maybe, it is time to take what Jesus said and that is recorded accurately in God’s Word, our Bibles, and to live it in this life, here and now. After all, the Kingdom of God is at hand…the Kingdom of God in within us… the Kingdom of God is among us. At least, that is what Jesus taught. And I for one believe Him.

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