Iran and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

There are many opportunities today to proclaim Jesus is Lord and to share the Gospel of salvation with those who desperately need to hear it.

However, to take advantage of these opportunities can, at times, take a great deal of effort, involve a season of learning and preparation, as well as being costly in terms of time, effort and money. We must be, as followers and disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, prepared the pay these various costs of following Him and doing as He has commanded us to do.

I was struck by the comment of an Irian believer who ministers the Gospel in his own nation where the need is great and the opportunites many – although dangerous to do so. He said … “The wall is broken, but we as Christians have to be ready to bring the right message.”

Mehdi (the Iranian Christian missionary) has met Jehovah’s Witnesses who are becoming skilful in the Farsi language in order to share their faith with Iranians.

“I ask myself,” ‘Where is the vision of the Church?’ We need more fisherman to be raised up for Iran.”

Here is an Iranian Christian – working as a missionary to his own people and nation – wondering about the state of the Church and its readiness to “pay the cost” and reach the lost at all costs. Yes, he is a little biased as this is his nation and his people … but his question is a valid one for us to consider today in the midst of the absolute luxury and wealth that we live with here in North America. And, those who proclaim a false gospel, a false Christ and a false Holy Spirit are ready and willing to pay the cost to spread their message of death – how much more should we be willing to rise up and share, on a daily basis and everywhere, the message of eternal life.

He goes on to state (about Iran): “My country is killed by religion. They are so thirsty. The people need a relationship with God. Now is a good time to share the Gospel with Iranians.”

My thought as I read this – and not to take away from the urgency he feels and communicates – is that every nation needs to hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not the North American version of the Gospel where we tell people that “God has a wonderful plan for your life” and list all the benefits (valid as they may be) … but the true Gospel of taking up daily the task of telling others about their sin and the need for godly sorrow and repentance so that they can be truly born again and enter into a living and dynamic personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and do the things that He calls us – commands us – to do.

The need is great in Iran – no denying it. Listen further to Mehdi (the Irian national who is sharing the Gospel with his people) … “Iran has some serious social problems – in Iran, herion is cheaper than cigarettes, and reports estimate that 50% or more of students in university are either experimenting with or affected by drug usage. Prostitution is also a bad problem, with 800,000 prostitutes registered in Iran. Some prostitution in Iran is legal, because Islam, Iranian-style, allows men to have part-time wives, for an hour, days, weeks or even months at a time.”

The need is great in every nation. The harvest is ripe and ready but the workers are few. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send workers … and then be the first to volunteer as the answer to your own prayer. Take seriously, if you are not already doing so, the mandate the Lord Jesus Christ gave to His Church to “go into all the world and share the night-and-day difference that Jesus has made in your life” (Matthew 28:18 and 1 Peter 2:9 The Message Version).

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