iPad and iPhone Worship Teams

It was really neat to see. I was in a small city north of Moscow working with a local bishop and some of his leaders from a number of churches and saw this young man banging on his iPhone throughout the worship time. It turns out his iPhone was plugged into the sound system and he was playing drums along with the worship team consisting of a number of guitars and a key board. I was amazed.

Fast forward a year and now I have an iPad and, in 6 weeks when I renew my cell phone contract, I will be trading up to an iPhone 4 as well. And, now I am learning to play music on my iPad. Wow! Technology is really neat. Now, there is really no excuse for not developing a decent worship team and without a great deal of cost because most have an iPhone or an iPad already in their arsenal of electronic devices. And, it is much easier to carry around and set up than the old fashion physical instruments.

Just the other day I read a brief article in a magazine I subscribe to (a paper version none-the-less) and so went looking on the internet for this group that the article was writing about. An iBand. Found it. And, just for fun, I downloaded a segment where they are playing Christmas music for everyone to worship to. Click on the link and enjoy …. and think, as well, of the potential for your involvement in worship and your church’s ability to have a full worship team and involve the young people at the same time.

Enjoy… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9XNfWNooz4

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