Interesting To Note – Part Two

(See yesterday’s blog for Part One)

6> Believers are enamoured by “anointed men of God.” They will flock to hear some well known Christian television personality speaking in their town or city. They give large offerings to television ministers who send them a letter thanking them – one generated by a machine hundreds of times a day. They believe everything that this person teaches because he or she is well known and ‘successful.’ There is no discernment. Yet often do not go to a local church weekly, do not financially support the work of the ministry being accomplished in the local church, and refuse to believe what the local pastor is teaching week-by-week.

7> The average believer cannot tell if a person is teaching biblical truth and an acceptable Christian doctrine. They do not know the basic Christian doctrines (mostly because pastors in general never teach them) and so cannot and do not discern truth from error.

8> Most believers are unaware of who they are “in Christ” (see 2 Corinthians 5:17). They know that Christ lives in them and is the “hope of glory” but know little to nothing of what it means to be a “new creature in Christ.” There is a difference between “Christ in you” and “you in Christ.” And even what they have been told and believe is wrong because it is the Holy Spirit who lives in them.

9> When it comes to the gift of prophecy and other revelation gifts they believe that if they can just receive a word from God by some celebrity leader all of their problems will be solved. When, in reality, they will end up with more problems because the devil will now know God’s plan and purpose for their life. And, the purpose of the prophetic gift is not to solve problems but to speak about the opportunities God is offering the believer and the potential that He sees in them.

10> Believers who do read their Bible are simply reading to collect information and to know the Bible better. They read it like they might read every other book. However, the purpose of the Bible is not to known details of historical stories from God’s interaction with people in the past. The purpose is for us to come to know the Author of the Bible, God Himself. This is totally different than why people regularly read a book.

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