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During my visit here in Ohio I will be spending some quality time with one of my mentors. His name is Bill Lewis and he has been working as an apostle far longer than I have and has a great deal of wisdom which he is more than willing to share. So, during my visit I am taking advantage of every minute of time that he has available to spend with me.

I have come with a lot of questions; I have ideas I want to share and get his input on; I am asking for his help in organizing and planning the obvious on-going expansion of this ministry the Lord has given to me; and I am, of course, looking for any insights he might have about me personally and the way I do ministry. During the course of my stay there will be time as we sit to talk at Starbucks; time in his home to chat; we will drive into the mountains and walk some of the wonderful wilderness trails that exist – talking the whole time; and opportunities over meals to share.

Mentoring deals with more than just ministry – it involves all aspects of life. So, to be properly mentored means being part of and involved in his life as a father and a husband. So, I will am invited to be a part of several special family events that are happening while I am there. In my past visits these family times have been a real highlight as I have watched this fairly large family celebrate together as well as work through some major spiritual and family issues. Mentoring is about life and happens as life happens. I have learned a lot from this righteous man of God who is my mentor – by simply watching how he handles these situations.

Your prayers for my time with Bill and the many conversations we will have over the next five days are greatly appreciated. I am here with a listening heart and want to grow and mature as a person and as a minister of the Gospel, an apostle. Thanks for joining with me in this powerful few days of my ministry to many but also the Lord’s ministry to me.

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