In and Out

Arrived home at 1:00a and fell into bed. Long day that started at 7:15a. The evening service in a young church called The Upper Room (it meets in the basement) was a powerful example of what happens when peoples’ hearts are open to God regardless. It was one of the most powerful services I have been in in the past decade. Powerful – and so easy to teach and preach. In fact, I can’t remember when I enjoyed preaching as much as I did last night. And, powerful words over people.

Again, I called a young man out to prophesy over him – an apostle (in training). Later I went and spoke with him and he is a pastor who was formerly United Methodist (a very liberal denomination) and three years ago left to form a church. His church is called Apex and is located downtown in the city of Marion. I preach in Marion today but in another church that I connected with this past week as we fellowshipped for a few hours. So, another connection and another part of the net that works – a network of young apostles who are moving in the things of God and who are in every nation that I work in. God is doing something and is certainly preparing us, His Bride, for a new move of the Holy Spirit and a great harvest of souls.

Tonight I am back in Mount Vernon for a service hosted by the Upper Room and held jointly with Overcomers Christian Church. This will be my last official event. Tomorrow I leave for Columbus (an hour away) and the airport to head home. On my way I will have my last meeting with my host pastor, visit the iStore to pick up several items for my office, and have lunch. Then the long trip home (2:00p to almost midnight). It will be good to be home.

Thanks to all those who have been praying for my ministry during this trip. Your prayers were answered and many lives were touched and will continue to be transformed because of all we have done as a team. Only when we reach heaven will we see all that was truly accomplished. However, I am blessed to hear the reports of lives changed even since my last visit to the area a few months ago. Truly we have a faithful God and I thank you for faithfully praying for me during these past ten days. Blessings.

Picture: Young couple who pastor Apex Church in Marion whom I prophesied over last night…

There will not be a blog tomorrow… Tuesday we return to the regular blog format.

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