Impacting Leaders – Russia #3

Today I am flying to Russia. As this blog is released I will be half way to Toronto. There I have a few hours to wait and then catch the next flight to Frankfort, Germany and then a quick turnaround (2 hours) and another flight to Moscow, Russia. A total of 18 hours of flying and when you add wait time and travel at both ends you end up with a 30 hour trip. I don’t sleep when in motion so I manage to accomplish a decent amount of reading unless, of course, someone wants to talk – then I have an opportunity to witness to them.

A lot of the ministry will be doing in Russia is directly to leaders. On Sundays and sometimes during the week in the evenings we see others at the scheduled events but many of the events this trip are designed specifically for leaders. This allows me to speak at a different level than when it is a public service where everyone is welcome. Pictured above is an actual leaders meeting from one of my previous trips to Moscow to minister apostolically.

When we are able to minister to leaders we are having a much larger impact upon the churches of the nations represented at the meetings. We are able to speak into their personal lives as well as their ministries; teach at a deeper level due to the maturity of the leaders; teach different topics because there are specific needs that shepherds have which sheep don’t. There is a different dynamic when working with a room full of leaders than exists when ministering in a regular worship service of a local church.

This trip almost all of our ministry is to leaders. So, your prayers for the leaders of the nations represented would be greatly appreciated. They are hungry for more of God, often tired, sometimes wounded, and always in need of refreshing.

Would you also pray – right now – that I make all connecting flights and so arrive on time. As some of you know, the last trip overseas took two extra days due to missing all connections….

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