I’m Home Or Maybe I’m Not – Russia #21

Today – if everything went according to schedule – I am home and having the first of a number of days where I am suffering from something called jet lag. I say “if everything goes according to schedule because” because as I mentioned yesterday things can go wrong and delays happen. Because of jet lag this blog was written ahead and scheduled to be released right now – so let’s pretend I am home even if I am not…

Why schedule ahead? Because if the planes didn’t connect I am somewhere waiting for another flight in one airport or another… I will most likely be unable to get on the internet. And, if I am home already having arrived safely last night – jet lag has set in and my body and my mind will not be functioning in conjuction with one another. Assuming I arrived home at midnight last night local time – my body would be telling me it was 9:00 in the morning. I wanted to go to bed because I would be tired but my body clock was saying it was time for breakfast and a full day ahead expecting that the sun had just come up (which it will have in Moscow, Russia). It is a funny thing this jet lag and really creates havoc in your life for up to three days.

With jet lag – you find yourself needing to sleep for an hour a few times through the day. You fight hard to stay awake because the fastest way to overcome jet lag is simply to force your body to live on current time wherever you are. But, tiredness does overtake you and a nap is the only solution. Driving is not a good idea because literally your brain takes a few extra seconds to process what is happening around you. Conversations are funny because there is this delay between hearing and answering because your brain is slow on the uptake. You remember little of what you do and say so it is not a good time to make decisions or deal with issues of life. But, have no fear, within three days your body and brain are once again coordinated and working at normal levels once again.

Prayer requests on this last entry for the current trip to Russia: For a safe return home if I have been delayed. For a quick recovery from jet lag if I have arrived safely home. And, by the way, thanks for all of your prayer support and emails while I was in Russia on this current trip. Greatly appreciated.

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