I Wonder

I wonder what God could do with an entire generation who loves Him but won’t settle for stale church anymore. What could God do with an army of Kingdom peasants who have no interest in safety, religion, or money, but want to help people experience the presence of His Kingdom in the here and now? While many denominations struggle to survive, what might God do with relational networks of Kingdom people and Kingdom leaders who long to see something new happen in this generation and whose focus would be lives transformed?

I have found a number of young men who share my thoughts and are wondering as well! Together we are talking about and thinking and praying through what it would be like to be this generation. Some of these young men work with me in a local church in the city where I live. Several are helping to form a team to lead a new church called “Church Without Religion” also in this city. Some talk and pray with me by Skype, text messaging and emails as they live in South Africa, Ukraine, and the United States. Several travel with me on the various teams we form to travel and do apostolic ministry. One is even planning to join me, move here to live in Canada, and work with me after he finishes his university degree and is free to move here from his nation.

I wonder what will come from this investment of time and resources. I wonder where all this talking and thinking and praying will eventually take us. I sometimes wonder what the Lord is up to – but know He will reveal it to us in time. I know that the journey is part of the fun and so working with these young men in these initial stages must be enjoyed for itself and seen as part of the plan. We are building good relationships as we talk and discuss and soon will see these individuals come together to form an initial community.

I wonder what it will all look like when this generation catches fire and sells out to the plans and purpose of God for their age group. But right now I am content to have a role to play in bringing these young men together and planting seeds to help them begin to grow and mature in the Lord and in His purposes for them as leaders of this new expression of the faith that will impact an entire generation.

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