I May be Flying or I May Not Be

If you are reading this I may be on my way home and flying over some area of the world. I am suppose to arrive home Monday in the late evening. However, that is if everything works out right – flight connections, weather, mechanical issues with the planes, security issues in the airport. I have seen all of these things and other issues mean a missed flight. It only takes one small thing to set off a chain reaction of missed flights and overnight stays. I started my journey on Sunday flying from Sochi, Russia to Moscow. Monday I fly from Moscow to London, London to Edmonton, and Edmonton to Regina.

If I arrive home it will be to bed almost immediately due to jet lag. It may be evening in my home city but it is mid-morning body time. The difference is called jet lag. So, Monday is fly day and Tuesday is jet lag day. And, my body will need to take time to catch up and adjust to the current time where it is located. This will mean I will sleep frequently during the day and find myself waking up when I didn’t even know I had dosed off again. My brain and my body will not be coordinated and so I will not be driving my care. Reading is useless. And, if I speak to someone I will not always finish my sentences because I will lose my train of thought. I will also not remember what I did or what you say. It can be worse than the worst bad hair day you ever experienced.

By Wednesday things will even out more and I will be meeting with family members and touching base with my administrator to see what happened while I was away. I keep informed as best I can and with internet connections almost everywhere it is getting easier and easier to stay in touch with all parts of the world and of this ministry. However, there are always small details to be looked into and things missed while ministering overseas.

If you have been praying for this apostolic trip and the last 21 days – thank you. Prayer is a powerful and effective weapon in our warfare and I want you to know your time and effort in prayer have brought great results and wonderful change to many lives over the past three weeks. Truly life-changing things are happening as we teach and prophesy. So, thank you so very much.

My next trips are to the twice-a-year apostolic roundtable meeting in Ohio / Indiana. I will be there in mid-April and staying an extra day to work with a young man that I am mentoring there. Then at the end of April I will be returning to Kazakhstan where I last ministered in early winter 2010. I am already applying for the visa to allow me to enter that country.

Again, your prayers for these important ministry trips would be greatly appreciated.

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