I Just Witnessed a Drug Deal

I was sitting tonight in my side yard with a fire going in the fire pit. It is totally fenced in and so a private place on a nice night to read and not be disturbed. I’m well into my second cup of coffee and enjoying the book I’m reading on prophetic evangelism when a small car with a bad muffler comes and parks by the fence. I recognize the car as one I saw about ten days ago on a similar evening – same time, same station, same driver (around 35, leather jacket, cell phone, and although he always gets out of the car immediately – he never does cross the street).

So, I looked up – you can see between the fence boards and see what is going on if you want to. It was a repeat of ten days ago. He gets out of the car, calls someone, waits a minute and then greets the young fellow from across the street (his parents own the house and are farmers who have this house as a second home in the city). He comes out as he did the last time. However, because tonight it is still 25 C and thus warm he is without his shirt. He’s a young fella I have spoken to once or twice (not more than two times as I seldom see him or his siblings around the house or yards as they apparently only come to the house when they have to cut the grass, water the yards or hold a loug party on Friday nights). He is not your typical neighborhood teen to early twenties – he has a shaved head with a mohawk streak of hair down the center, a large gage ring in his nose and smaller gage ones in his ears (total maybe 12). He has numerous tattoos over various spots on his neck and face and lower arms – and tonight it became evident that he has others on his chest, back and shoulders, along with other piercings. Tight, low-rise bluejeans and bare feet. His friends are similar (from what I remember of the last party as it spilled over into the street).

He does exactly what he did the last time this car parked in the same spot. He came out of the house, crossed the street, and sat in the car talking… two cigarettes each were smoked as they talked. I don’t pay much attention as I really don’t care and just want some quiet to read. However, this time I believe the Lord has me look up and I see them looking down towards their laps and it is obvious something is passed back and forth. Then the young man reaches into his jeans and takes out some money. It is really obvious what he is doing because he is stretching his body almost straight out in the passenger seat of this relatively small car as his jeans are so tight he is having trouble getting his hand into his pocket to remove the money he is looking for. He settles back in and it dawns on me that I am watching a young man buy drugs. His business – not my concern.

However, I am reading a book on prophetic evangelism – a good book actually. And I hear the Lord say … “this is one young man I want for My Kingdom and I will arrange a time and place for you to talk to him and I have been preparing His heart to hear what you will tell him. I will reveal things to you about his life and his activities that will show him that I sent you and he will respond in a positive way to the Gospel and, in time, during your second conversation with him, he will ask you to pray with him and for him. He will have an encounter with Me after that and on your third visit he will ask you to help him to come to know the Jesus you have talked to him about.” I sat is stunned silence. I am still seriously amazed and a little overwhlemed. In spite of how often I have spoken to people about Jesus by “reading their mail” or moving prophetically I have never had the Lord tell me such detail ahead of my encounters. I normally just stop people I don’t know and go by faith as I open my mouth. This is different.

He got out of the car and as he is doing so and the dealer is just driving away – so he is standing on the sidewalk waiting for the car to pull away from the curb – two clean-cut Mormons in long-sleeve white dress shirts, thin black ties and perfectly pressed black dress pants come walking around the corner and pass right by him as he stands there. They didn’t stop to witness to him or even acknowledge he existed. Maybe they were embarrassed by his looks and dress code or lack thereof.

It is going to be fun watching as the Lord arranges for me to speak to this young man. I witness to lots of young people this age – and even some who are as radical in lifestyle as he is – fellows like this who skateboard where I walk my dog and who frequent the coffee shops and Dairy Queen where I have my appointments with people. I often go early to read for a while – or simply to talk to the youth who are sitting there with their friends. So, I am really looking forward to talking to my neighbor in the near future and watching what God will do. It’s much easier when God arranges the appointments for you.

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  1. Glenda Johnson
    Glenda Johnson says:

    I wonder if the Mormon fellows didn’t even see him. Maybe he is being kept safe for his appointments with you and the Lord.

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    I thought of that myself Glenda. And, it may be so. However, I have also found that Mormons do tend to avoid those who do not fit their idea of “normal.” The two young Mormons who walked by last night work my crescent here in the city at least weekly – and it is interesting who they stop to talk to and who they pass by. And, there are two others who work the bike path where I walk my dog three or four times a day and again it is interesting to see who they stop and who they don’t. I would suggest that they are selective who they talk to and who they don’t. Not sure it is done consciously or by policy or simply unconsciously determined by what they are comfortable with.
    I will admit that this young man does make many feel uncomfortable because he really is somewhat “off the charts” regarding how he looks, dresses, and his behavior. However, because I have worked as a pastor in the core area of the city for many years and even my current witnessing areas includes many young people like him (one of the Tim Horton’s in town has a lot of young people like him frequent their facilities during the day and late evenings) I became comfortable stopping and talking with them.
    I think the Mormons are simply out of their comfort zone and I certainly can understand that.


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