I Have Arrived…Again

I have been resting for the last few hours. Yesterday, Sunday, after a 5 hour service and a 20 hour train ride on the Trans-Siberian Railroad I arrived in Yogorsk in Siberia. It was certainly an experience to be in motion on a train that long. It did allow for some quiet time and some reflective moments as we rattled along through town after town and very empty and desolate countryside. And, that was good as the week has been very busy and has afforded little time to think and pray.

Last week we struggled for 5 days to find my luggage. We finally received it at midnight on Friday night. I had gone to Dusseldorf, Germany and on to Moscow and further – it had gone to Frankfurt, It took the insurance company to find it and send it forward. Made for an interesting time with only three days of medicine with me as the rest was in the luggage… and clothing was basic as I simply had the clothes I travelled in and nothing more. However, it did arrive before heading further north where it would never find me.
Your prayers are really important to us. We are now officially into week two of this apostolic trip and we are a little weary. Please pray for physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental strength for all the team members and for me as I begin to come to know a new pastor and his team of leaders. We are here for three days…

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