I Am Overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed at the need and the hungry … the need to hear God and the hunger for more of God.

We have been working from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. daily and so I have not had an opportunity to write and post blogs every day. In fact, I have literally not had time for anything but ministry and the building of relationships here that will enable further ministry in the coming months and years. I am overwhelmed at the need but also at the hunger for God’s Word – both teaching and the prophetic. They are simply and deeply in love with Jesus and want what He wants with no limitations and no “ifs, ands or buts”. It is a pleasure and a joy to minister to the people here.

I am overwhelmed at the variety of churches and expressions of the life of Christ I see here.

I have ministered to 300 in a service in a rented college classroom (2 services back-to-back standing room only – 250 to 300 at both services) … 20 in a home church in a new sub-division of the city… 35 in an apartment “house church” in another city (a suburb of Moscow) that is moving in the Spirit… 65 in a leadership school (mostly pastors)… 9 in a leaders meeting and, of course, many many personal meetings with pastors.

I am overwhelmed at the size of the city and the traffic – people, cars and trucks.

There are more people in the city of Moscow than in half of my nation of Canada. 18 million officially registered and an estimated 2 million living here and not registered. It is staggering to think about that many people in one place. And, as you might imagine, the needs are tremendous – the pain very evident. You have to simply focus on “the one” – thing, place, person, or situation – and work with that otherwise you are overwhelmed spiritually by “the many” and simply stand immobilized.

I am overwhelmed with what God is doing here.

God is truly at work among these wonderful people. They are open and hungry – seeking, searching, wanting and needing a serious touch from Him. They know Him and they are wanting what He wants and thus God is moving mightily among them. It is personally overwhelming to see how they absorb the teachings into their heads and heart and then instantly apply what they are learning. They are willing to try, practice, and even fail in the attempt as they apply the truths taught. They willingly volunteer to come up and help prophesy so that they can apply the truths we are teaching and so that they can learn anything practical that they need to know to move forward in hat the school here has been teaching them. A delight to a teacher of God’s Word and an apostle.

I am overwhelmed with the opportunities to minister.

Since arriving we have been invited to four or five places to minister (o I sense another trip or two in the planning) both in this nation and in several other nations of the former Soviet Union. Doors are opening and invitations are coming because those experiencing the ministry in the various places we have been ministering know that their people or region and church could seriously benefit from our format and content – from apostolic ministry and input. So, each and every day we have sat down with calendars in hand and organized further dates and trips into Russia and surrounding nations.

I am overwhelmed – God is so great and so wonderful. It is totally incomprehensible to me personally that he would use someone like me to help Him impact a nation the size of Russia. He is so great!

Today – another full day of ministry – teaching, prophecy, and personal meetings with pastors. Then pack for an early start to the airport (5:30 a.m.) to fly to our next ministry opportunity. More as time allows.

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  1. samuel mcknight
    samuel mcknight says:

    WOW that is so cool and awesome to see life change happening for not the few to come to God but lots of people hungry for God,
    prayers or with u always

  2. Darryl
    Darryl says:

    Thanks for the update
    Its neat to hear what God is doing elsewhere and it’s great to have just a little experience in that half of the world to better understand what it is like for you and what you might be experiencing, though I am sure it different everywhere
    God bless your continued journey
    Say hi to the team for me


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