Hungry and Cold

This is Edic (Edward) and he is a believer and could care less that the building he is worshipping in is uncomfortably cold. And, it is because I am working in this building right now and preach with my coat on as well. I expect at any time to see my breath it is that cold in the auditorium. There are over 100 people each day listening and learning; practicing and flowing in the prophetic. The testimonies today were great and very encouraging about how God is using what they are learning and how they are applying it to their lives and witnessing.

Edic left early last night and came back with two friends who are not saved. He was hoping they would be impacted by the prophetic ministry and maybe even get a word from the Lord. I could see that they were watching carefully and the Lord showed me they were not born again but did not lead any of the team members to give them a Word of the Lord. Edic was not disappointed – only glad that they came and were influenced by what they saw and heard. He hopes they will be back tonight. I hope so too and will certainly prophesy over them if they are. He is so hungry to see his friends come to know Jesus as the Lord means everything to this young man. So good to see.

Please pray for the young men attending the services we are holding. Many are from a number of nations around the world and are here studying at the university. They are seriously saved and want a Word from the Lord about what to do when they graduate and where to go so that they can influence people to accept Jesus and be saved. These guys are missionaries in the waiting… and God is touching some of them each night. Last night we prayed for the student who is top in his class and heading the France to do a doctorate degree – powerful word. We want to impact as many of these international students as possible.

No wonder this church we are working with is called “Power Source Church.” Please pray. Thanks!

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