Hot or Cold?

We have been living with an Arctic Front settled over our area bring the temperatures to around the -40C for a week. As I am writing this they are forecasting that it will warm up a bit shortly but “warm up” is a relative term. So, -25C is “warm.” Not in my understanding. It is still cold and the older I get the less I like the cold. I have always enjoyed ‘hot’ over ‘cold.’

In the Bible Jesus talks the two alternatives – hot and cold. In fact, in Revelation, Chapter three He warns us that lukewarm is not good – that we need to live in either extreme – hot or cold. Never live life in the in-between lukewarm stage. I recently mentioned this is a blog and an elderly lady from Ohio wrote me and mentioned something a friend of her’s wrote to her while visiting in the area where the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation were located. Let me share what she wrote.

In the city of Laodicea there were two “water baths” fed by underground springs. The one on the east side was a natural hot springs – hot water that brought healing or, at least, relief, to the body. On the west side of the city there was another set of “springs” that ran ice cold water. These also were used to bring healing to the body. So, Jesus, using these two physical attributes of the city comments that it would be good to be ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ but not lukewarm.

We read this (Revelation3:15) and think that “hot” is good and so “cold” is not good or bad. Not so. Knowing the geography of the city and region both cold and hot are good – but lukewarm is not acceptable because it is not a source of healing. And so, the message is that we must choose the good – hot or cold – and never settle for the ‘middle ground’ or lukewarm…

As we are well into the season of remembering the birth of the Christ child whose words are spirit and life and the truth… it would be a good time to step away from all the additional activities that this special season brings and examine our lives. Because of the pace of life over the past twelve months you may have slipped and now find yourself “lukewarm” in your relationship with Jesus and things spiritual. It may be time to seek healing in either the hot or the cold and walk away from lukewarm.

Just a thought – but a life-changing one.

Picture – archaeological dig of the ancient market place in Laodicea, Turkey

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