Home and Preparing to Go To Armenia

It has been an amazing 18 days. I worked in four cities in Russia. I ministered to leaders and people from 12 churches. That count could be greater but these are the ones I specifically know of because I ministered to their leaders. I worked in several churches I had worked with last fall when I was in the area and a good number of new ones. As well, several new doors opened up for ministry in September when I will be back there doing more apostolic work.

The people were very receptive as they are extremely hungry – looking for life and truth and not just more religion. They listened, took notes, asked questions. Of course, many received prophetic words – and pastors who were not involved in the meetings would come during meals and between services asking to visit and receive a prophetic word. They wanted to hear from God and He did not disappoint them.

This was the “most apostolic” trip I have ever been on. The topics were apostolic and foundational; the work with the pastors (I lived with them in their homes and always had a car full when travelling the thousands of kilometres we drove) was direct to the heart and both revelatory and healing. The people wanted to know what Jesus was doing in the Kingdom and how they could be more involved. The leaders wanted to know more about Kingdom leadership and how to guide and direct the churches during this season. Some pastors spoke of leaving their religious organizations and starting new, fresh wineskins for the new wine.

And the young people. Every church had young people who want to move on with God and move as far away from religion as possible. I enjoyed my time with all of them – the children of the pastors I was working with, the church kids, youth groups, even young people visiting from other churches because they heard that I was going to be there. All amazing. All in love with Jesus. All wanting more of God and less of religion and all the programming and smoke and mirrors. I will be working with a good number of them over the coming months and years. Many have already connected.

For me this was the most fulfilling of all my trips over the past few years. It was the most “apostolic” in content, topics, and connections. I felt like God was doing something powerful and foundational. I sense now that it was much more focused than much of my previous work – there and everywhere. The Kingdom was first and the Church second. Because I had pastors travelling with me and forming my team for the trip it was also more personal and had a tremendous connectedness to every activity and place. Great changes came about as a result of having so much time together as we traveled and ministered.

A personal thanks to Sergei and Marina, Alexei, Andrei, Dana, Dima, Dennis and his leaders, Max, and Alina… And everyone else that I met with and those I came to know. Thanks to the leaders of Cornerstone for spending time together – and for the invitation to minister in September. You are going to be a powerful apostle-prophet team as you move into your joint calling. Miss you all already … Young people – continue to learn English and I will continue to work on my Russian.

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