Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I go

Packed and ready for my two week trip to Ukraine – at least as ready as I will ever be. Hope I didn’t forget anything as it is not as easy to go out aqnd get what you need when overseas in this great nation I am heading to. Last time I was there there were no Walmarts. Thus, everything must go with m and fit into one rather over-stuffed suitcase. Not sure of laundry facilities nor nthe availability of time to do the washing and drying – so you count out the clothes for each day – socks, underwear, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, hankerchiefs … then add two or three extra in case flights are delayed, missed, or cancelled. Happens at times. Hope it doesn’t this time. And pray – past hoping – hat your baggage arrives in the same place and the same time that you do!

And, just as important is the packing of the briefcase (mine is maximum carry-on size with wheels and a pull handle. Been there and done that. Done what? Carried two Bibles, three books to read, a lap top and the plug-in, mouse, paper and pens, coloured pencils and markers, highlighters and… for 9 hours in an airport as I waited for the next flight, found a restaurant, found the gate, stood in line. Then the next airport, the next gate, the next run to make the flight… Now it is on wheels and my two arms are almost the same length once again after a substantial period of healing.

With almost 7 full days of trains and planes ( I like that song from the 70’s) I also have to have a half dozen good books to read and study and those can add substantial weight to one’s arm or shoulder. So, pull it on wheels… getting smarter in my old age.

I think I’m ready. Have a lot of teachings and resources printed out to work from – you don’t go with it all figured out. They tell you the ball park you are working in – the gifts of the Spirit and prophecy this time – and you take a wide variety of teachings and resources that link to that general area. Then, in each place you go you sort through where people are at in the specific areas you are going to be teaching in and select the right resources – basic, intermediate, advanced – to suit the audience. Then you consult, in this case, with the other two on the team and what they sense and feel and what they have selected. Then you decide who is teaching what and in what order. You move on to another place to minister – the whole process starts over again. But, you do meet people where they are at and minister powerfully speaking right into their lives and ministry.

The most important thing to prepare is your own heart and to keep fresh in your relationship with the Lord. That, by the way, is not always easy when on the road. In the past two weeks and in the next three weeks – five weeks total – I will have been home in the comfort of my study and with a regular uninterupted time with the Lord for a total of four days. So, you have to learn to take quality time with the Lord every day even when in hotel rooms and in airports. Lose intimacy with the Father and your best teachings won’ fly. Lose intimacy and the prophetic – which is becoming stronger and stronger in my ministry I am told – will still flow but you work harder for it and are exhausted afterwards. So, you quickly learn that being spiritually refreshed and ready is more important than having packed everything you need…

By the way – how is your relationship with the Lord these days?

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  1. Bev Wensel
    Bev Wensel says:

    …just want you to know R. that we @ POP prayed for the Ukranian trip/team tonight…Moe prayed Romans 15, that you will all go in the FULL measure of your calling… divine good health/strength [spirit,soul& body]for all + no problems with planes& trains {that was a cute song as I remember,ha}& receptive hearts. Anita asked that the message{s} would be like “apples of gold in settings of silver”.
    May the favor of God go before you…B&V 😉

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:


    Please thank all those at People of Praise (POP) for their prayers (and continued prayers). Leave today – arrive late tomorrow in Kiev. Teach for 5 days – travel another day – teach for 6 days. Then two full days travel to arrive home again. 34 opportunities to teach and minister prophetically to hungry hearts and souls. Ministering there you feel like you have “died and gone to Heaven” as they are so receptive and hungry for all that the Lord and the Spirit is doing…

    This Saturday is the 32nd anniversary of my healing and Sunday the 32nd anniversary of my salvation … and I can think of no greater place to spend these anniversaries then in Ukraine – giving my testimony as I minister and teach the Word of God and pray for the sick.

    Keep praying.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    We, (J, K & I) are also continuing to pray for you and the ‘team’.
    I envy you, I want to be there too. I know I am at that point where there are no more excuses and ‘life’, family, work, getting in the way. Next time!
    In the mean time, my heart is there and my mind is never far from there lately.

    Be encouraged and strengthened my friend.
    Happy Happy Anniversary
    God Speed!

  4. Ralph
    Ralph says:


    Thanks for the “happy birthday” wish. It was the greatest anniversary of my healing and salvation ever – because I was able to share my story (testimony) and pray for many, many people. It was two days to remember filled with 15 hours of church services both days.

    As you probably know – any good mission trip will totally change your life and alter the course of history. We will talk about upcoming trips and which one can best use your talents and abilities – so that God (and you) can receive maximum bang for your buck.

    Good to be back with you!


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