Heaven On Earth – Part Three

If you want a strange verse about what will happen at the end of time, read Isaiah 11:9: “For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”

The word knowledge used there is a Hebrew word that can mean “intimate.” It’s not knowledge of mathematics or science; it’s knowledge of intimacy. If you’re married, you know your spouse.

This is also the verse that says at the end of time, when everything is fully restored, God’s weight, glory, and knowledge will cover the earth the way the waters cover the sea.

The verse sounds cute and poetic at first, but if you think about it, it sounds strange. 

How does water cover the sea? Water doesn’t just cover the sea; water is the sea. They are so interwoven that they are basically the same because sea is a type of water.

What God is saying is that when He finally reaches His goal and is fully dwelling with His people, in full intimacy, and sin, death, and all evil are gone, His glory and beauty will be so deeply covering the earth and our lives that they won’t ever be able to be separated again. Similar to the water and the sea, His glory and the earth will be married fully as one, never to be separated again.

Is that the trajectory your life is on?

The cool part about the Bible is we can read the ending. And every time I do, I have to ask myself, is my life going in that direction? Toward closer intimacy with God? Toward beauty? Toward Him dwelling more fully with me? Am I allowing Him to take up residence in my life in all things? He’s coming down and being vulnerable; am I reciprocating and dancing back with Him in the music of eternity?

The incredible things about this is once you step into it, it never ends. Once we start following Jesus, every day of our entire lives is about us getting closer and closer to our Creator. This isn’t something you achieve or reach the finish line on.

Every day is a battle, and some days are better than others, but it’s about resolving to put our moment-by-moment lives on that path. What can you do to put yourself on the right path? What little thing can you do today to put you on the right trajectory?

 After all, you already know the ending.