When you enter your daily time with the Lord are you still and calm before the Lord listening for Him to speak. Afterall, He is God and really has the right to “go first?” In other words are you doing what the Scriptures state: “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a)

When you enter your time with the Lord – who or what is your focus? Are you focused on your needs, your life, your hurts, your agenda? Or, are you focused on the Lord and planning to spend time with Him face-to-face as Moses did (Exodus 33:11)? Are you there to “taste and see that the Lord, He is good” (Psalm 34:8a) or are you there to tell Him a long list of needs and wants, hurts and circumstances that you desperately want His help with?

I discovered a long time ago that a healthy relationship happens when I go into that relationship focused on the other person. And, if they come into the conversation focused on what I am thinking and feeling (and wanting to really known about how I am doing), then we have a healthy relationship. However, if I go into the relationship and the time together focused on me and they are focused on me then this will not be a good meeting nor is this going to remain or become a healthy relationship.

For a relationship to be healthy I must focus on the other person and they should focus on me and then you have a two-way street and life can flow in that relationship.

When you enter in to your daily time with the Lord – His focus is always you! That’s because He is madly in love with you! He is interestd in you! He knows what you have need of even before you ask because He is constantly focused on you! So, if you go in to your time with Him focused on you and He is focused on you – you do not have the ingredients for a healthy relationship. But, if you go in to your time with the Lord focused on Him and on what He has to say to you and what He is doing (and might want you involved in) then you have what it takes for a healthy and meaningful relationship.

I know the Lord can meet your needs, move mountains, bring healing, work miracles … but what is even more precious then all of the above is that He simply wants you to know Him and to have a relationship with Him. This is what the Christian faith and our walk with Him is really all about. It was never about have some magic formula that summons the great genie in the sky to grant every wish and meet every need. It was and still is about having a relationship; and a healthy relationship requires us to focus.

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  1. samuel
    samuel says:

    hi ralph, u seem to talk to me about healthy relationship in the circumstances but i never ask way and maybe some of the junk in my life anger frustration going around the same mountain but i get tired of it and realize that i never really seen healthy relationship in my life or deal with storms and hurts and then making church just a band aid but to be true i dont like being taken advantage but i am glad u speak truth and realize there is healing in my life but to have healthy relationship in the lord and people i might a big guy in the flesh but just a child before the lord.
    thank u with love and enjoy your weeks until we see each other again.


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