Everything that lives and is healthy grows – trees, plants, people, movements. So, the Christian who is a true disciple of the Lord should be growing, maturing, developing. The church that has life should also be growing in numbers, in influence, in impact. The whole purpose of intimacy with God is to then be enabled to move out into the world with His presence and power so as to impact that world with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Living things reproduce – apple trees reproduce more apple trees, sheep begat more sheep … and Christians should be reproducing – a disciple making another disciple as Jesus commanded. If the Christian is healthy then the Christian will be reproducing. If the local church is healthy it too will be reproducing – multiplying it’s influence and impact by planting another church and then another and then another.

In John 15 Jesus talks about bearing fruit, much fruit and eternal fruit. Healthy disciples bear fruit. Yes, the fruit of the Spirit (character) but also reproductive fruit. Because life always reproduces more life.

Well, it is time to examine our lives and our churches and the “life flow”… It is time to be honest and real because, at times, we need to admit there isn’t a “life flow.” Things have died; the flow has stopped; stagnation and “stability” have settled in; comfort is a key word; and we are no longer being challenged to reach the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom. How can you tell? Just ask yourself: “When was the last time you led something through godly sorrow and repentance and into the Kingdom?” Ask yourself, “When was the last time your church baptized new believers?” Ask yourself: “Are you passionate about Jesus and excited about His cause of world evangelism or have you simply settled in for the long haul going through the motions of being a Christian?” Come on, be honest!

Christians are busy with prayer movements, weekend praise and prayer events, Bible studies, writing in their spiritual journals about a journey that is no longer a journey. But, all of this and many of the other Christian activities can be a simple smokescreen covering up reality – feel good work that makes us think that everything is okay because we are busy with Christian events. Excuse me, but God said – God said – “Go into all the world and make disciples.” If what we are doing and what we are involved in is not directly linked to each participating individual being (not becoming) a soul winner then it is simply more programming and meaningless activity to make Christians feel good about themselves.

It is time, like Jesus, to be about our Father’s business and stop playing Christian. It is time to examine our health and find out why we are not reproducing.

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  1. sheila carpenter
    sheila carpenter says:

    My granddaughter, Penelope, has her 7th birthday today. GOD gave her a present and a prophetic sign and wonder…her daddy bunny, Pretzel, and her sister, Peninah’s mommy bunny , had 3 babies…one white and two brown. Healthy rabbits reproduce, as do healthy Christians. GOD is busy exposing the farce via “world vision” and Joel Osteen’s $600,000 robbery, that playing church is now over. Where your treasure is, there is your heart.


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