Healing and Restoration

Around the world the Holy Spirit is moving and healing those who come to the Great Physician for healing. Often these are non-believers whom God touches and heals so that they realize that Jesus is Lord and He is alive and still ministering today through His Church – through true believers who obey His command to “lay hands on the sick and watch them recover (Mark 16).

Jesus is healing not just physical diseases but also healing those who are in need of a healing touch in their minds, their emotions, their spiritual life, as well as relationally. He is healing and restoring people, getting their attention, and revealing Himself to them so that they will cross the line of faith in His Kingdom and follow Jesus as true disciples. This means He is inviting His people to step out in faith – even faith the size of a mustard seed – and pray for people asking Him to touch them. As we step out in faith we will see God bring new life to people and change their lives in the process. As you need to do is  believe that God can use you to show them His love by letting Him touch them with His healing power flowing through you.

You are baptized in the Holy Spirit and so have rivers of living waters (His power) flowing from your spirit. Release the river to flow out from you and touch others. Let others drink of this life-giving water and be healed. Go on, you can do it. Yes you can!

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