Headed Down the Track Again…

I got on the train to Siberia at 4:48p on Sunday after an amazing service in a local church in central Russia. It is now Tuesday and I have just recovered from the 24 hour train ride to get to this city – the city of Yugorsk, Russia where we arrived Monday evening. It was an experience – and one I will remember for a long, long time. Powerful time with the Lord as my team member slept during the late night hours, good fellowship when he was awake, and time to read and meditate on His Word – something that we rarely have when on an apostolic trip – quality time with the Lord.

Here in this city we are working with “The Voice of the True Church” church and will spend 3 days ministering to their leaders and the people. We have never been here before and have never met the pastor who is hosting our team and this ministry. So, we will spend a great deal of time fellowshipping and listening to him so we can sense his heart for the Lord and for his church and city. Of course, we will be ministering in up to three services a day – preaching, teaching and equipping the saints as well as ministering prophetically.

We covet your prayers. We are well into our second week and, as usual, we are growing weary. God is refreshing us spiritually and blessing in so many obvious ways – but we are tired physically, mentally, and socially. We need your prayer support now more than ever. Often when tired we are short with each other as team members and can be hurt more easily by words and actions – so we are really aware of our humanness and our need for the Lord’s hand to constantly touch us so we can continue to grow together as a team and bless the hundreds of people we minister to daily. Thanks for praying.

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