Having Been With Jesus

The Question: When you are among non-Christians, do they recognize that you are a believer and that you have a living, daily, dynamic relationship with the Living Jesus Christ? Oh heck -let’s get down and dirty here – do other Christians recognize that you have spent time with Jesus?

In Acts 4:13 we read: “…And they recognized that they had been with Jesus.” The disciples are standing before the Jewish religious authorities and being questioned about the lame man who use to be outside the Gate called Beautiful – an entrance to the temple. ‘Use to be’ because he was healed and could now walk (and leap, and run, and dance before the Lord with great joy and enthusiasm and was instantly telling others about what Jesus had done for Him … without first taking an evangelism class – wow!).

The disciples were not noted and noticed for their good looks, their dress code, the lack of piercings and tattoos, their university degrees, their soon-to-be worldwide ministry (well, the known world at least), their human wisdom nor their great preaching skills (although Peter did see 3,000 saved as a result of preaching his first sermon which I am sure was a great encouragement). They noted that “they had been with Jesus”.

I was asked recently “How do we release God’s power?” Well, I believe that the amount of power that we walk in is in direct proportion to the amount of time we spend with Jesus. We must have a seriously intimate relationship with the Living Lord enjoying our time with Him. This would be a relationship where we daily hear His voice, are instantly obedient to everything He says to us and where we involve Him in the daily details of our daily life. This will mean time in His Word – reading, studying, meditating on His Word and His majesty, seeking His face … and so much more. Whatever it will take for you and for me to have that dynamic, daily, ever-deepening, personal, unique, love relationship with Jesus.

I believe intimacy establishes our fruitfulness in the kingdom. I believe intimacy establishes the level of power that we are able to walk in. I believe intimacy determines the fruitfulness of our ministry – and the permanence of the fruit that we see.

I believe that we should not be seeking after the power or after revival or after a blessing or after a healing … we should simply be obeying scripture – verses like “seek Me and you will find Me when you seek Me with your whole heart” – not a heart divided between Jesus and revival, Jesus and power, Jesus and a healing – just seek God as found (revealed) only in Jesus the Christ. “Seek first the Kingdom … and all these other things shall be added unto you…” if that is what God knows you really need, of course.

So, here is The Point: Do people recognize you as “having been with Jesus”?

Do you spend enough time developing and growing your personal relationship with the Lord, listening to His voice, knowing His heart, as well as knowing and being a part of His plans and His purpose for your life and His Church? Are you actively engaged and being intentional in the development of your personal relationship with the Living Lord? Or, are you simply being passive and letting Him do all the work.

A friendship – any relationship – is only healthy and growing when both people involved in the relationship are actively involved – engaged – in coming to know each other and finding time to be together in all sorts of situations and circumstances.

The Point: What are you doing to develop an active and alive daily relationship with the Living Lord?

The Point: Is the Living Lord Jesus Christ having an impact upon your life? Are you daily growing more mature and more aware spiritually? Are you becoming more Christ-like?

The Point: When you are with others – do they know that “you have been with the real Jesus”?

One last comment to the last point. If they don’t know you have been with the REAL Jesus then either you simply look, act, talk and appear like one of them or you are a bit on the “superspiritual side” and you are making them uncomfortable which Jesus and His followers never did.

THE POINT: Let’s get back to the basics and do what Christians are suppose to be doing – relating to and walking with Jesus in an ever deepening relationship and simply spending time with Him so that then we can be recognized as having been with Him. Then we will, like the first church in the Book of Acts, flow in power and see miracle, signs and wonders.

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