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Time for a Change – Let’s Get Back to the Kingdom – by Guest Blogger Bill Lewis (apostle)

For years we have been following the mantra of the super church. We have equated size to success and have spent ourselves chasing the illusive. Many have judged themselves because they cannot achieve what is considered successful. We have followed the “be relevant” wagon and have seen the compromise needed to sustain that. While there is a truth in relevancy, there is a place where it becomes a sellout when Biblical principles and truth are sacrificed or never introduced to make things comfortable for the world.

We have sold the idea of a relationship with God as if we were shopping for the best deal on a god to represent us. Fire insurance, premium paid, pull it out when you need it. We have given formulas and steps for salvation. We have been good at marketing Jesus our “personal” savior. We have allowed the secularization of our message to affect what happens in the new birth. So, as we sail along with our “personal” savior, there is no cognizance of a kingdom or even citizenship. Our church attendance is when we do not have anything else to do. We blow it off at the slightest suggestion of something more entertaining because it is not a priority while we have our insurance policy. We do not see a kingdom and a king. We do not see a passionate lifestyle that is not about Bible banging, getting people “saved,” and being religiously weird. A passionate lifestyle can be had without any of those religious stereotypes.

If we return to kingdom, we do the king’s business. We are on an outpost establishing beach heads for the king. We see the ultimate victory which He is accomplishing. We have our duty while here. His prayer for us to pray had to do with “thy Kingdom come.”

The kind of expressions of church we are getting will not hold up in persecution or tribulation. It is too weak, too “personal.” It takes a long term, corporate vision to survive and have passion. It is looking beyond our generation to the many that may remain.

Our apostolic team is seriously exploring the “wake up call,” that God has for the church. There is a message the church needs to hear and there are not many ears listening.

Ralph’s Note: We will hopefully be looking at this in our next apostolic roundtable meetings in a few days (October 16 to 19) in Ohio and Indiana.

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