Great Expectations

Those who have been Baptized in the Holy Spirit and can speak in tongues have a number of other gifts as well. These supernatural gifts are listed in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11. There are nine of them. You have the private gift of tongues, you can prophesy (the Bible states that clearly) and you have at least one other of the nine gifts. One of the gifts is the “gift of healing.” This is badly needed today. Last Sunday ministering for the first time I did what I often do on my first visit – share my testimony. Part of my testimony includes being healed. Immediately after the service before we could even exit the sanctuary and head to the fellowship hall people were telling me their stories of loved ones lost through cancer and other major diseases; others mentioning their own physical ailments and need for prayer and healing.

As I write this 2 days before you will receive it Ian email came in and again mentioned the need for healing. Written by someone from Russia their English is not always clear but the message is … let me share it just as it was received (minus personal contact information)….

Dear Ralf,
on 16th – 17th of September 2011 I’ ve been on your conference in Yekaterinburg. During it you’ ve mentioned that you know people who have the God’ s gift of healing of cancer.
Our brother (Name) from our head church in Yekaterinburg is very ill now. He has a ministery of evangelisation and is the pastor’s assistant.

If you have relations with ministers who have gift of healing I ask you for help to connect with them . Our church prays for (name) and takes posts.

But I have a wish in my hert to ask you and other ministers for help.
Unfortunatly my husband died of cancer half a year ago and this problem is very close for me.

I am sure that there should be the consrete cognizance ” to beat the target”
Thank you for your answer beforehand. I will wait of it!

There is a tremendous need for the Gift of Healing to be functioning and flowing in the lives of Spirit-filled believers. The need is great and many have the gift but, it seems, few are moving out in the power of the Spirit and developing this gift as they should.

But never mind those with the gift of healing … what about you? The Bible states in Mark 16 and other places that believers will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. If we are Bible-believing disciples we will actually be looking for opportunities to pray for the sick and watch them recover by the power of the living God.  Every believer who is a disciple of the Lord is called to continue His work of healing the sick. The anointing under which He did His ministry (Luke 4:18-19 and Acts 10:38) is the same anointing we received when Baptized in the Holy Spirit. It is time to believe in what we have received and then to act on it – because otherwise we are hearers of the Word and not doers of the Word and this is not good.  And the sick will never know the healing power of the Living God and the love of Jesus.

Disciples – it is time we all stepped out in faith and began to do what the Bible and the Lord told us we can and must do. And, do so with great expectations.

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