Great Airport But…

Well, the Minneapolis International Airport is as it was the last time I flew through here “ big and busy.’ Walked around to get the kinks out of the old body. Flight from Regina to here was short but very turbulent so my underlining and highlighting of the book I am reading is somewhat messy. That’s okay I don’t lend my books to anyone, anyways.

Found a washroom “oh, such simple needs.’ Then found the gate I board at in 3 or so hours. Then, having got my bearings I went for a long walk “I mean miles.’ No, it was not just for the exercise. I needed to find a restaurant where I could eat. Sucks to be me! I walked 5 of the 8 concourses and nothing.

Had just about given up when I passed a small kiosk that had apples. Upon closer examination I found a good sized salad (chicken, bean, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and a great topping. And, NOW HEAR THIS, a gluten-free chocolate brownie that was actually excellent. So, top it off with a diet Coke and a chair in F3 boarding lounge and I’m all set. Eating while I write. Ate dessert first as no one was looking. Hate eating in a lounge with so many others around but too hungry to care at this point.

Well, the big airports are no better “this one is 100% WiFi everywhere. But, try it use it. The airport connection overrides all the others and the airport one requires a monthly membership. As if I am going to be here that long “I just might be with these long waits.’

So, I wait, write, read and eat. Time to go find another diet Coke, me thinks. But first, pay for an hour on-line so I can do some posting on the web site. I’m a push-over for hi-teck systems and things that are new.

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