Grace and Truth

John 1:14 states that Jesus came full of grace and truth. So, it takes both grace and truth to be balanced as a disciple of the Lord.

If you have all truth you will be legalistic and miss the spirit of the Word and simply interpret and apply it as a set of rules and regulations to follow thus eliminating any source of life.
To be all grace means living by your own standards and doing what is right in your own eyes as they did in the book of Judges in the Old Testament.
Of course, God’s ways are not our ways and this simply means we do what we want and hope or think that He will forgive us if we sin against Him. Extreme grace and actually a very old heresy of the Christian faith.

So we need a balance between grace and truth just as Jesus lived with this balance and thus tension between the two extremes. This means we know the truth and apply the truth but that we see the truth as God intended. We don’t just see what the Word states but we see the reason behind what the Word is saying.

Example: We don’t just apply the Ten Commandments legalistically but understand that because of God’s grace these commandments were designed as borders or boundaries that, when followed, protect us from harm. In other words they are really God’s (ten)der commandments given in love and grace. We understand and accept that the truth must be balanced or seasoned with grace. We read the Word and understand more than the letter of the law but the spirit of the law as well.

Jesus said in John 6:63 that the words that He speaks are spirit and they are life. The words that are contained in our Bible are meant to impart life and should in no way hinder us from receiving and releasing that life when we hear the Word. So, it is spoken in grace and received the same way.

T he Bible states that when we know (experience in daily life) the truth (His Word) we are set free – this is the power of truth when received, understood, and acted upon lovingly and in grace.

So! Grace and truth must be balanced and remain balanced for us to have life and freedom – life from the Word (the truth) and freedom from His Word received and acted upon with an understanding of the Father’s heart (grace).

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