Grace and Truth

The Bible states that Jesus came “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). This means that He was balanced and, as a result, was able to live in total freedom. This freedom allowed Him to fellowship with His heavenly Father hearing and seeing His Father on a consistent basis. We too, if we have grace and truth balanced, will discover that we are hearing God more often, more clearly, and with much greater detail – seeing what He is doing so we can become involved.
If you live by the truth and do not understand grace in your life – then you live according to the letter of the Law (God’s Word) and not by the “spirit of the Word.” This means you live by rules created from God’s Word and as long as you live by these rules you know that God is pleased with you and you are in right standing with Him – acceptable! This, of course, is so wrong because you are then earning His love and acceptance which flies in the face of everything that grace is all about. You are living as a legalist and your rules are simply legalism and therefore hold you in bondage and refuse to allow you to experience the abundant life and freedom Jesus was born to give us and died so that we could experience it.

If you live in what I call extreme grace where anything goes because God’s grace is so wonderful and He will forgive anything and everything we do and say that might not be pleasing to Him. People who live with grace and little to no truth live according to their own flesh and are usually very soulish in their approach to the Christian faith. They do whatever feels good. Like the days of the book of Judges (Old Testament) each person “does what is right in their own eyes.” Of course, this is often not right in God’s eyes. People living in extreme grace no longer hold to any “laws” and therefore do not feel that they need to live by or hold to the Ten Commandments. This is something I call “license.”

If you live legalistically or with license you do not live in freedom but remain in bondage. However, if you balance grace and truth in your life – you will find freedom because “…those whom the Son has set free are free indeed.” So, when you balance grace and truth you come out the winner – experiencing freedom and serious liberty in daily life. No longer performance oriented (Legalism) nor living without boundaries (License) you now live in freedom (Liberty) and allow others the freedom to do so also.

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