Going For Walks

When home I walk my dog two sometimes three times a day. We cover either a short distance or do a marathon depending on how he is feeling and how I am feeling. We are both getting old and sometimes we are just not up for the long ones. But, we enjoy the walks and speak of many things as we move from bush to tree to light standard. 

I am on holidays. The dog is at home. Miss walking him. However, I am still walking every day regardless of the weather. Where I am camping it is seriously sandy soil so when it rains – and it certainly has 9 out of 10 days so far – the ground dries quickly. And, I am surrounded by forest and camped beside a gigantic lake. There are a lot of trails through the woods and numerous hills to climb as I walk with the friend I camp and kayak with. Often we walk in silence. Some times we talk about our journey with Jesus, the Church, the Bible, and especially how we are changing, growing, maturing, developing, and adjusting as we come to better understand ourselves, each other, and the Kingdom call on our lives.

Of course there are many cups of coffee in the early morning around the campfire so we can stay warm as we wake up. And, many cups of decaf coffee around the campfire in the late evenings as we cook supper on the open fire and chat about the day and an assortment of other things. In between I am catching up on my reading – summer reading is always mystery novels, murder mysteries, and legal dramas. My favourite authors – Peter Robinson, Jeffery Archer and John Grisham.

I love to walk. Back home, walking Cuddles my dog allows me a little time to think, plan, and sort. But, mainly it allows me to connect with my neighbours and chat about life in the neighbourhood. And, as always, a comment or two about Jesus and His Kingdom. During my walks here in the woods I enjoy the flowers, the berries, the eagles, the pelicans, and the other assorted wild life. But, I also find it conducive to connecting in fresh ways with the Lord. 

Maybe it is because I am not following my regular routine of time in the study (5:30a to 9:00a), time in the office (9:00a to 1:00p), time with non-believers (1:00p to 5:00p), and then preparing supper and time with my wife or an evening family event. Maybe it is because I have had a week to unwind, relax, and not think about ministry, people, church issues, writing teachings. and travel. Maybe it is the setting itself – sunshine all day (when it doesn’t rain), bright moon and stars at night, forest, lake, and simply being away from people. Maybe it is because it is “me” time and I am not needed to do this or that, not available to take calls and answer texts, emails, and connections from a variety of apps that beep and squeak demanding my attention NOW. 

Getting away and living with the basics like a tent and a campfire brings you back to the basics in life. And, frees up the time to walk with Jesus in a renewed and fresh way. It frees up time to simply focus on Him and fall in love again. It removes all the regular daily routine with all of its chores and demands that we live with the rest of the year freeing valuable time to simply be.

I am away camping and kayaking and walking in the woods with Jesus. I am being renewed, refreshed, and reconnecting with my inner being, the life Jesus has called me to live, the ministry He has blessed me with in so many places and nations, and, once again, to walk even closer to Him who is life than I ever have before. 

Glad you are not here!