God Is Up to Something Great!

God Is Up to Something Great!

In every city and town where I minister I see young men who are called to be apostles and prophets. It is exciting to see the number of them that are actually out there. Some already know the call of God on their life. Some have a sense that there is something God is calling them to do for Him beyond the ordinary, while others are clueless that God’s hand and calling is upon their lives.

However, from my vantage point as someone called to train, equip and release these young men it matters not if they don’t know they have a call on their lives. I instantly see the anointing and the grace that rests upon them and quickly connect with them to speak the Word of the Lord (prophecy) to them regarding their future.

I currently have over thirty young men who have a call on their lives to be apostles and who now know it through a prophetic word or even two prophetic words. All of them have been told to connect to “Ralph Howe” as I have what they need and can help to equip, train, mentor and release them. These words have, in the majority of cases, been spoken over them by seasoned prophets – like Dennis Cramer. And, I believe that, having been in the ministry since I preached my first sermon in 1969 (almost 40 years) I have what it takes to help them. But here is the issue…

For a number of years I have been chasing these men. I call, I write, I email, I send a book, I make suggestions, I drive to meet them, I pay my way and even their way to ministry opportunities. But, recently, for a number of reasons, I have become very dissatisfied and very frustrated with this situation. How come I do all the initiating? How come they don’t read the book and then get back to me so we can discuss it? How come it is almost always me traveling to them and not vice-versa? How come they don’t ask questions and begin to walk in the will of God for their lives? How come they don’t seem interested in seeing their personal prophetic word come to pass?

So, here is what I have recently done. I have stopped calling, contacting, and chasing (wow – three ‘C’s). I have simply sat back and I am waiting to see what happens from their end. So far absolutely nothing!

In May while Dennis Cramer was with me in Saskatchewan we talked about my frustration and observation. He is one of my Advisory Council so this is what he is available to do – listen and advise. It was a good conversation and I was able to express my heart and my head in a seriously accurate way. His comment in response was of God and went straight to my heart as a ‘word from the Lord’. Here is what he said to me: “It is there prophetic word and so their responsibility to contact you and not your responsibility to chase them. Let them take ownership and cooperate with their Word of the Lord.”

Wow! Did that set me free. Took tons of weight off of my shoulders and even lightened my work load. At this point in time I have one young man who is initiating the relationship – calling and writing – and sharing his heart and asking for input. From the rest – dead silence! From over 30 men down to one.

This comes to mind once again today as I sit in the airport in Calgary having just finished two and a half days of ministry. During the service last night there were several men called to be connected to me – an apostle, a network planter who is also a teacher-pastor and a five-fold evangelist (and former Mormon). Time will tell if they will initiate and if they will cooperate with their words. But, I have already decided not to chase them. I have entered their e-mail addresses in my system and sent them a test e-mail and now will leave it up to them to contact me verifying their address and making their first contact.

I hope and pray that they will act on their words from the Lord. However, so far the track record of those whom the Lord has called and connected to this apostle has been pretty poor. It amazes me that people don’t take their words more seriously and so don’t follow through.

What a waste of a word from the Lord. What a waste of a call from God. What a waste of a life!

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