God Is Seeking a Certain Kind of Person

Christians often feel that God is hiding from them and could care less what is going on in their lives. Some think he loves them but is detached and distant. Others think it is simply impossible to hear God regularly and that even in a crisis He seldom speaks or intervenes on their behalf. FOLKS, The problem is not with God – it is with us. God desires to be close to us and to release His power on our behalf and bless us but…

And, it is a big but. The Bible says that IF we draw near to God He will draw near to us (James 4:8). The opposite is true – IF we do not take the time to draw near to Him He will not draw near to us. In fact, the Bible states that God goes to and fro throughout the whole earth looking for those (even one single person like you) whose hearts are loyal to Him and focused on Him (2 Chronicles 16:9). When He finds someone who loves Him with their whole heart, soul, mind and all of their strength (Matthew 22:37) He acts on their behalf and blesses them.

God is seeking those who seek Him with such openness that He can be Himself to that person in a way that He cannot be to others. He is a jealous God and looks for one who is happy for God to be the only person who knows what is happening to them. We need to be “playing to an audience of one” and understand that He is the only ‘person’ that really matters.

Grasp this truth: if you are looking for someone who will understand you, the real you… someone who is always there for you and does not have a hidden agenda or any hidden expectations… who loves you unconditionally with total acceptance and absolute forgiveness … who wants only the best for you … someone who is there at all times and is singularly focused on you … who believes the best about you and is watching your back (and front and both sides) … He is the only One. He is the Someone. He is not just Lord and Savior – God in the flesh – but He is also your greatest fan.

Too often we look to others for what only God can give. Too often we look to others for that ‘pat on the back – well done’ feeling. The Bible states in John 5:44: “How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God?” The Message Version reads: “How do you expect to get anywhere with God when you spend all your time jockeying for position with each other … and ignoring God?”

When we place Him first in all things – including relationships – then He will be there for us at ever turn. Only when we “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…” will we then see His hand in our lives as we will have released Him to move on our behalf. Only when our hearts are focused on Him and know that He is all that we need will He become just that – all that we need! And then we will hear His voice and see Him move mightily on our behalf.

We are well into the New Year and I need to ask: Have you placed Him first in 2011? Are you focusing on your relationship with Him each and every morning when youget out of bed? Are you focusing your heart on Him the last thing before going to bed in the evening? Is He your “all in all” or is He still simply an “add-on” when you need help or hit a crisis in your life? Is 2011 going to be any different than 2010 was? Now would be a good time to determine that it is going to be and decide what need to change in your life so that God will see another heart that is totally loyal to Him.

Do so – and you will be seriously amazed at how often God speaks to you and how many times He intervenes in the circumstances of your life and the situations that you find yourself in. Just amazed. He is not playing “HIDE AND SEEK” He is simply waiting for you to turn your heart towards Him.

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